Edible undies are one of those things you kind of thought would be sexy when you were growing up… and then you get older and are like, uhhhh what? Who is putting this on their genitals? That’s exactly how I felt about Couples Sweet Surrender His & Hers Edible Undies – stick-able sweets that are designed to cover your nether regions for a tasty treat, but honestly kind of made me fear getting a yeast infection. Sweets and sex don’t go together nearly as well as my adolescent brain imagined, and while these undies were definitely candy-sweet as promised, they made me feel sticky and icky and definitely not sexy. I still think they’re a hilarious gift, though – and if the idea of edible undies still entices you and your partner, these are a better option over candy thongs, because you can actually lick them off rather than bite them.

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The Design

The His & Hers undies come sealed in plastic, and are essentially like paper-thin temporary tattoos that start to stick to your body. After a wash, open up the packages and apply them to your bodies. The Hers undie features a heart, and the His undie is more standard – except both are tied with the brown “strings” on either side. They definitely aren’t fooling anyone – these are meant to be put off, enjoyed, and taken off quickly.

The Taste

The undies are candy sweet – with the red parts designed to taste like strawberry, and the brown parts like chocolate. They’re not like, super delicious or anything. But they basically taste exactly how I expected – very candy sweet. It’s not something I’d want to eat a whole lot of – and honestly, I don’t think genitals need any extra flavor to begin with. But if you’re familiar with flavored lubes and like your nether bits to be masked in sweet flavor, you won’t mind these.

In Use

As they warm up to your body and natural moisture, they start to soften and stick to you. They don’t get super gooey or sticky, but they definitely do get a little tacky. They’re candy after all. They’re designed to be licked – and as you lick, they get wetter and stickier. Personally, I don’t like the sensation of being all sticky all over my vagina, so this is definitely a product I want


I think this is a hilarious gift for a bachelorette party, or something cheesy for your partner on V-day or your anniversary. They’re not something I would use in any serious capacity – but then again, I’m not the kind of person who likes flavored lubes or candy thongs in general. If you are into flavored sensual products, these could definitely be right for you!

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