Although the packaging for the Okamoto Crown Skinless Skin condoms makes them look like a condom you would find in a bathroom dispenser in the eighties, the extra thin quality is really something special. I could tell they were thinner than usual, though my partner for this test is also quite large, so he tends to stretch condoms thin. If you want a very lifelike, close feel, these will definitely do the trick!

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They are lubricated with silicone-based lube, so you should not use them with silicone toys as they could degrade the material. They also may stain your sheets – though the lubricant is intended to be extra smooth and long lasting. There was not a lot of lube, so I immediately added me own. I always use lube with condoms; I think it makes the sensation better. I used these with a water-based lube.

These condoms were a bit tight on my partner and did not comfortably cover the length of his shaft. I would recommend these condoms to someone with an average or smaller sized penis or dildo. They allow for a more naked feel and a little extra sensation.

The biggest downside to these was that they smelled and tasted strongly of latex, though this is true for every other latex condom I’ve encountered. Due to the thin nature, I was little worried about these condoms tearing while I was giving oral sex. I was extra careful to keep teeth from catching and didn’t have trouble (possibly because the taste of latex quickly put me off).

Another feature that I did not like, but others may, was the color. All of them were pink! Not like a skin-like shade of pink, either, but a bright hot pink. I love pink, but pink latex does not make a dick look sexy, in my opinion. (Again, others may differ!)

All in all, this is a decent condom. Thin yet sturdy, pink, and latex – they work well if you are looking for a very close, lifelike sensation. I am generally quite critical of condoms, and I have found few I liked better, but many that fall short of the quality of this condom. So, they are right in the middle in my book. I would, however, recommend trying them with a smaller sized partner, as that may provide a better experience.

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