As I get older, my personal style is actually getting more and more whimsical. I find myself in the store looking for clothes, shoes, and accessories that were all the rage in the 90s (can you say butterfly clips and jelly shoes?!). While I never did watch My Little Pony growing up, I absolutely adore all things inspired by the color and style from the playful cartoon. When I first heard about the My Lil Pony Tail Butt Plug from Crystal Delights, I just knew this was a sex toy after my own heart. Crystal Delights is known for its absolutely gorgeous, high-quality and unique butt plugs, and this one is no exception! With five different colors to fit your own personal style, the My Lil Pony butt plug is perfect for anal play and role-play.

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The My Lil Pony Butt Plug is a clear glass anal plug with a colorful and curly ponytail attached to the base. These butt plugs are handmade, so no two are exactly the same! The plug is made of high quality hardened borosilicate glass, so it won’t cut or chip. The bulbous tip is 1.25 inches at its widest point, with 2.8 inches of insertable length and a flared base. The tip tapers smoothly to a slender stem, making this a great option whether you’re an anal amateur or a booty pro. It definitely doesn’t hurt that this buttplug is absolutely gorgeous. The tail length is 15.5 inches of flowing silky faux hair. There are three solid and two multi-colored tails to choose from: purple, pink, blue, primary color rainbow, and pastel rainbow. Each tail comes curled to perfection. 


This toy definitely has an edge over your basic butt plug. The flowing ponytail can be used as a prop in a role-playing scenario (Bronies rejoice!). Even if that isn’t your thing, this butt plug will still add some amazing flare and sex appeal to the bedroom. Super soft to the touch, you could even get creative and use the tail to tickle and tease your partner. Another amazing benefit of this toy is temperature play. Whether you prefer warm or cold, glass will absorb the temperature for some new sensations in your most sensitive spots. With this toy, you should put it in hot or cold water for about a minute to get the sensation you want.

I definitely recommend getting warmed up and using lots of lube (water or silicone-based) with this toy because the tip is pretty round and doesn’t taper much. Once I did both of those things, the tip inserted with ease and was really comfortable. The long neck ensures that you can move around comfortably without much pinching and makes the tail protrude out. This toy definitely gives a whole new meaning to “pull my hair”! My partner loved grabbing onto the tail, and the hairs brushing up against him added a whole new sensation to our play time.

Cleaning and Care

The My Lil Pony butt plug comes with detailed cleaning instructions. You might think this would be a difficult toy to clean, but it couldn’t be easier. You can detach the tail from the plug and clean it separately, so you don’t have to worry about getting the tail itself wet. The glass plug can be cleaned with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner.


My Lil Pony Tail Buttplug is an absolutely gorgeous and high-quality toy that adds a playful twist to your playtime. I love all of the different sensations that this toy provides to spice things up in the bedroom. It is comfortable to wear while still having the feeling of being filled up. The beautiful tail adds a dash of visual enticement to any role-playing scenario. I know this a toy I’m going to come back to again and again.


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