You’ve got a great job, good looks, but you’re still single…

This is a problem for many people who decide to leave their country and take a job elsewhere.

You might start to feel lonely because you’re not in your comfort zone. People might not approach you because you’re new… you might even feel alien to them. Plus, you don’t have a significant other to welcome you home after a long day at work.

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Relax, it’s time to stop worrying. Here are some brilliant tips on how to start dating in your newly founded world… and how to maintain a relationship once you’ve found the one!

Online dating 

Apps like Tinder show you tons of matches, which is helpful when you relocate from one place to another. It’s so popular when traveling that it’s even gained the name “Tinder Tourism”. Since the profiles you receive are based on your location, you can try to chat with some of them and go on a date. Plus, it can definitely be a lot easier than trying to strike up a conversation with a random person at a bar.

Learn the Culture 

You may not be aware of another place’s culture or traditions, but once you get to know them, it will be easier to blend among the crowd. You can also give insights into your own culture, and it can be a great talking point to start your conversations. Even if you know nothing about the culture you’re in, show interest in their cultural highlights and open yourself up to learn something new. Likewise, your unique knowledge might even surprise your partner!

Be the Initiator

In most cases, you need to initiate conversations or call up a new person to hang out or go on a date. Don’t feel shy. The chances you’ll meet someone you click with might not be high, but take every opportunity as a brand new chance to meet someone great. Especially if you’re in a place with a conservative environment, where the dating culture is relatively low, it’s important to take the lead. But don’t feel bad if it’s not well received – sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do.

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Beware of Culture Shock 

If you start dating someone, you might find there is a lot of culture shock for both of you. Be open to new ideas and clarifications about their culture. Cultural differences can also add lot of flavor to your relationship, and you can share things about your culture with someone new, curious, and interested. But try not to be rigid with your cultural norms, because it will make it difficult to open up to new experiences and cultures in return.

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You Might Be More Attractive

You may not be the most attractive person back at home, but incredibly attractive in other countries or areas. Different cultures value different looks and body types, which can instantly make you super hot.

Language Barriers

A major hurdle for dating in another country is communication, especially if you have a different language or a strong accent. Try to learn their language as soon as possible. Not only will it help you date, but it will help you with every type of day to day interaction.

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Dating Customs 

You may not know certain dating customs like sharing the bill, how to dress, or the age range of partners. Read up on dating customs in the area so you know what to expect.


As soon as one hears that you are from a certain country or area, there may be a certain preconception about you. This may work out in your favor, but sometimes it may not. Be aware of these stereotypes, and make sure to address them if they’re not a good representation of you or your culture.

Don’t Compare

No one likes to be judged, especially when dating. Try not to compare your partner to people from your area, or judge them based on the stereotypes from their country.

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So now you’ve got the partner…

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Make Your Partner Feel at Home

It can be hard for someone to date a person so different from them, even if they’re in a place they’re familiar with. So, try to make your partner feel comfortable when you can. Maybe take your date to their favorite local restaurant, or try something very specific to their interests, to show them how much you care for them and their interests.

Appreciate Your Partner’s Efforts

Appreciate your partner when they do things to honor your culture. They are showing an effort to accept and understand your culture, so appreciate it and cherish it.

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Meeting Each Others’ Families

This is a great step to take your relationship to the next level, but meeting each others’ familiar can be quite a tedious task. Given the number of cultural differences, their family might not be open towards you, and vice versa, which could hurt both of you. But try to take any criticism or misunderstandings with a pinch of salt. Support each other throughout the meeting to show that you’re united as a team and willing to stay in the relationship regardless of any difficulties.

Moving to a New Country

At some point, if the relationship gets really serious, one person might decide to move across the country or the world. This is a big sacrifice, and you’ll both have to adapt to the change. Try to travel frequently back to your home and Skype or call your family and friends regularly to stay connected. It can be hard, but remember, there is nothing more satisfying than being reunited again, and nothing is more romantic than airport kisses!

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Patience is the key in any relationships, and in this case, you’ll need a lot of it to fuel your relationship and move forward. It requests a lot of effort, but when it comes to love, nothing can stop you!