Deal breakers: we all have them. Some are broader, like a relationship is immediately over if a partner is a cheater or is unusually close with his mother. Others are more specific and some would even consider them shallow, but they’re important enough to the person that they feel they have to call it quits. Here’s three of my top dating deal breakers you might not have even realized were actually super important…

No Hand-Washing

This could be a deal breaker for some, myself included. A surprising amount of men don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. When you discover the numbers, you’ll start to wonder what else they do without washing their hands afterward… it’s a scary place for the mind to go. Anyway, it’s difficult to have a relationship without physical contact, and we touch other people more than we realize: hand holding, fingers brushing against each other, touching the same objects throughout the day, and sharing food. That’s not counting any sexual activity. If a person doesn’t wash their hands, bacteria spreads. It can get on your hands, face, thighs… anywhere he’s touching. If he doesn’t wash his hands – instant deal breaker.

No Sense of Humor

Most girls have a list or a criteria of things they look for in a guy, and being funny is usually one of the top three. If a guy doesn’t have a sense of humor, no matter how invaluable that is to a person, it can be a deal breaker. Everyone loves to laugh and funny girls love to share their sense of humor with their partners. If a guy can’t make her laugh, he might as well quit while he’s behind.

Singing During Sex

Yes, it happens. By a moody guitarist, usually. You know the types – the artists that randomly think up song lyrics and sing them out to match them to a tune. Unfortunately, you never know when inspiration will strike and he could suddenly break out into song during intimate moments. What’s worse is you may not even like his music. Now you’re trying to get it on to a crappy SKA/Billy Joel mix re-make. Another deal breaker.

All of these things seem small, but they’re important in their minuteness. If a girl is looking for a way out, and wasn’t all that interested in keeping the relationship anyway, these small things become huge – they become instant deal breakers. Gross or annoying small habits are tolerable when a girl really cares about someone. Women don’t give up on guys over small things unless deep down they don’t really want the guy that badly. If there’s something small that a girl can’t give up, she doesn’t want to. It’s time to move on.