We’ve all had the thought at least once that we’re overlooking someone who is right in front of our faces, most likely when we’re going through a rough patch of dating new people. We wonder what it would be like to date one of the men in our lives we’ve previously labeled as “friends only”. We think maybe there’s a reason we’ve been able to hang out all the time and not kill each other, maybe this person is “Mr. Right”. He could be. If you’re thinking your BFF might be your next bae, consider these aspects that could enhance your relationship.

He Knows You

It is likely he knows you fairly well, maybe even better than majority of people depending on the exact parameters of your friendship, so the odds of him finding a part of you he can’t live with are slim to none. Any part of you that you may not particularly like, he probably already knows and decided it wasn’t a deal breaker. At least for a friendship. Like the way you can’t ever wear a white shirt unless you want it painted with whatever you’re eating at the time, or how you don’t believe in wearing a bra and pants until at least noon. If he’s one of your best friends, he probably knows the skeletons you keep in your closet. Meaning, that’s one less relationship issue you need to worry about.

You Know Him, Too

This wasn’t a one-sided friendship, the same way it wouldn’t be a one-sided relationship. He knows tons there is to know about you, but you also know tons about him. You know just about everything a man will reveal about himself, which is most likely more than you can imagine. You know his schedule whether it’s work, school, social, or a combination of all three. You probably know the ins and outs of his most recent relationships, and you already know the way he is around his friends and who they are. Which is always important. You also know the stupid little things. Such as whether he believes in working out legs or opting to do chest twice a week, or that he believes boat shoes shouldn’t be considered “real shoes”. Just like he knows you and your skeletons, you know him and his.

You’re Comfortable

Odds are that in the past you haven’t had to try and impress him. After all, he was “just a friend”. You didn’t care if you got lunch without makeup on, or if you called him to workout at the gymwhere you know you’ll be a sweaty mess. Maybe a hot mess, but still a mess. I don’t know many people who look on point while gasping for air running on a treadmill. If I find such a person I will pay them for their secrets. This means that the real you, not the “you” that you put on for that hot date, is the you that he already loves being around.

You Get Along Great

If you’ve gotten this far in your friendship, you two must be doing something right. Whether you both believe sushi is acceptable for every meal of the day or you share a mutual love for travel, you have common ground. Of course there are some friendships that survive despite two people having nearly nothing in common. But there’s at least something. Again, if he’s one of your best friends you are in even more luck. Best friends often share numerous things in common, to the point where you can arguably be the same person. This happens often between girlfriends, but when it happens between you and your male friend, or friends, that is a force to be reckoned with.

Who Knows?

Diving in head first with a friend isn’t a decision to make quickly with little thought. Weighing your feelings with the possibility that if this goes south it takes your friendship with you is at the top of the list of things to consider. There’s a realistic possibility that he may not even feel the same, and that creates some seriously awkward moments. Even if he does feel the same and you two date, there’s almost no chance your friendship comes out intact. However the sayings all seem to follow the lines that the best relationships are rooted in friendship, so I say – why not?