It may seem counter intuitive… but delaying your orgasm for just a moment creates a more powerful sensation.

How to Do It

As you feel yourself getting closer to orgasm, slow down to about 75 percent of your speed and intensity. Stay at that level for about one minute, then pick up the pace again. This technique will prolong your pleasure and make your orgasm even more intense.

Sexy Orgasm

Why We Love It

Not only will this make your orgasm more powerful, but it will get you and your partner more in tune with each others bodies. Reading each others body signals is an important part of determining what’s working and what’s not, and being able to plan an orgasm so precisely will make orgasms easier to come by in the future.

When to Use It

Use this trick when you’re having really hot and steamy sex, and know the action will bring you right back for the Big O. Don’t try this move if the sex has been inconsistent, or if you or your partner are losing stamina. If you’re not super experienced in the bedroom, save this tip for when you are better in touch with your body and orgasms.


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