Board games can be a lot of fun, but making them dirty is even better. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Dirty Minds – The Game of Naughty Clues for that exact reason. I had never played before, but now it is my go to game. If you love to have some scandalous fun with friends, this is a must-have for your party drawer.

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About the Game

I received The Master Edition of Dirty Minds. This edition has some fan favorites from the original edition, plus extras. The object of Dirty Minds is to be the first person to use their cards to spell D-I-R-T-Y. You receive cards by answering the correct “clean” answer to the dirty clues and puzzles. The player will roll the dice and follow directions on the board. From there it can lead to gaining or losing cards based on how you answer the clues. The ideal number of players is 2-4, but you can play in teams to add more players.

Game Experience

I really enjoyed playing Dirty Minds. It was everyone’s first time playing in my group, so we had to take the time to read the directions. They were very easy to understand, and we had the hang of the game in no time. I was with three other players, so we did not have to play in teams, but I think it might be confusing if you add more than the normal amount of players. The clues and puzzles were just the right amount of dirty to get your thoughts in the wrong direction. We had a great time cracking jokes and enjoying seeing how dirty our minds really were. We ended up playing multiple rounds. I had no complaints, but my friends were annoyed I kept winning.


I would recommend Dirty Minds to anyone who wants to have a fun night in with their friends. It is the perfect game to have a relaxed night, but still have something to do! Casual drinking and dirty thoughts make for a perfect night.

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