We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve learned it the hard way – literally struggling to stay awake through a one hour class, full work day, or even everyday tasks. But making sure you wake up well rested isn’t just dependent on the number of hours you sleep. It has a lot to do with the quality of what you’re sleeping on. So, finding a mattress crafted from premium materials, the ideal balance of firmness, and with comfort and longevity in mind is a must. That’s exactly what DreamCloud offers!

Their Luxury Hybrid Mattress is handcrafted to offer the perfect level of support and softness, along with other unique features, to promise a plush sleeping experience. They’re confident users will love their mattresses that they offer a one-year trial, lifetime warranty, AND free returns. So, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

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DreamCloud’s mattress is shipped with multiple levels of protection so it arrives in pristine condition. Nestled in an oversized duffel-like bag with handles on each side for easy carrying, the mattress is wrapped tightly in plastic and directly inside a snugger fitting, drawstring storage bag. You’ll want to be sure to have two sets of hands when moving and unboxing the mattress as it is on the heavy side. As an average sized female with pretty good strength, I struggled trying to pull it out by myself and it was impossible for me to carry it on my own.

Prior to removing the plastic wrap, place the mattress on the bed or area you plan to use it. Then, using the handy cutting tool included, lightly slice along the wrap to free the mattress. It will immediately begin unfolding so you’ll want to move rather quickly. Also, be sure to be extra gentle with the tool, as I found it not to be all that durable. A piece of mine broke off mid use. Once the plastic is completely removed and the mattress is laid out, it will take several hours for it to completely “inflate” and take its shape.

Luxury Details

Attention to detail at every step of production makes this mattress absolutely gorgeous. It’s made up of eight expertly chosen, handcrafted layers for optimizing sleep – and measures at 15” thick. A tufted cashmere polyester blend cover rests atop latex, a high-quality coil system, and multiple layers of memory foam, and beautifully ties together everything. At the bottom is a platform base covered by high-density memory foam, followed by a “bestrest” pocket coil compression system encased by four more layers of memory foam with a layer of supreme, hypoallergenic latex in between.

Multiple layers of plush, breathable memory foam contribute to this mattress’ ability to contour to your body, manage temperature, and provide excellent support and pressure relief. Even more, latex creates a cushioned bounce to balance the notable firmness and increased ability to conform against your body. The cashmere cover is remarkably soft, and learning about the extensive process of separating the softest goat hairs to produce it, it definitely sounds like the holy grail of wool. The perimeter is wrapped in foam for impressive edge support which helps prevent sagging over time.


Sleeping on this mattress is everything the company promised! Noticeably firm, the Dream Cloud Hybrid’s multiple levels of memory foam provides unmatched support, but also has the ideal amount of give, making for the perfect balance. The topper is luxuriously soft and comfortable, and creates an airy sleeping experience. Even with the space I lie on contouring around my body, I don’t experience that sinking feeling that many soft mattresses are marked by. All of this contributes to a nice, cool rest, rather than one where heavy mattress material heats up your body… even if you’re like me and toss and turn throughout the night, ending up in various positions at any given point. Plus, for some reason I enjoy sleeping near the very edge of the bed. But since this mattress has such great edge support, I don’t ever feel like I’m going to fall off. I’ve been using it for three weeks now and always wake up well-rested. It truly does deliver a wonderful night’s sleep, and I don’t see myself switching from this brand in the future.


With an extensive amount of layers made from premium materials, Dream Cloud’s Luxury Hybrid Mattress offers a plush sleeping experience. Dense and supportive, it still has just the right amount of give that gently contours to your body. A handcrafted, high-quality topper and cooling memory foam creates breathability and total comfort that promise a perfect night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a durable mattress with luxurious features, I’d absolutely recommend Dream Cloud!

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