This lDurex Play 2-in-1 Soothing Lubricant & Massage gel is meant for those intimate moments with your partner. It doesn’t compromise on the friction during sex and a little of this goes a long way. The best part about this lubricant is that a lot goes a long way and it’s long lasting, so you never have to use more than you need. However, due to the questionable ingredients, it may not work well for everyone.

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Name: Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Soothing Lubricant & Massage
Type: Massage Gel, Personal Lubricant
By: Durex

Hearts: 2 Hearts
Quality: 2 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil

Features: Water Based, Safe for Use With Condoms, Massage Gel
Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, and Sodium Saccharin


Seeing as this lubricant is water based it is perfect for use with silicone toys and condoms. Since it contains aloe vera it is skin soothing, but if you have sensitive skin, it is warned that this lubricant may cause some itchiness, so it’s better to avoid. With it being a gel like formula it doesn’t absorb into your skin like some water based lubricants which can cause issues for ladies wanting to get in and get out. It does take some time to clean off as well, lots of warm water and soap.

As a lube – it’s very long lasting and very thick, a little goes a long way. It does leave a little residue though, nothing that is majorly annoying. A washcloth and warm water works to get rid of it. As a massage gel – my guy nor I enjoyed using this as a massage gel. It was too thick and it never really worked into the skin like I wanted it to.

Possible Side Effects

I also noticed an aloe vera smell, which isn’t a problem, but it will get stronger as you use more. As for the taste, I would not recommend this lubricant for oral. The taste is undesirable—which is caused by the ingredients in the product, mainly sodium saccharin which is an artificial sweetener. Before use, you should make sure that you are not allergic to this particular sweetener because the allergic reactions to it may include; headache, difficulty breathing, rashes, etc. Before use of this product do some research into the ingredients and your reactions to them. I’ve never had allergic reactions to aloe, I use it every summer when I have sunburns and my favorite lube is an aloe based lube. This lube broke me out in a rash and my guy’s skin had the same issue. Combining all of the issues I strongly suggest doing research and using caution when using this product.

Pros & Cons


  • Water Based


  • Lack of Absorption
  • Terrible Taste
  • Strong Allergic Reactions


When I couldn’t find the ingredients on the Durex website or on the packaging, I found it a little fishy. The best things about the lubricant are that it is long lasting and the thickness isn’t too overpowering. If you enjoy a thick massage gel then this product is for you, but the lack of absorption isn’t for everyone. Overall, the Durex Play 2-in-1 Soothing Lubricant & Massage gel has a good basis, but because of my strong allergic reaction, I strongly suggest doing research and using caution with this product.

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