Step away from the polished mirage of personal growth on social media, and dive deep into the transformative journey of rebirth. Welcome to The Pleasure Provocateur Podcast‘s inaugural episode, where Lorrae Bradbury — erotic embodiment coach and founder of Slutty Girl Problems — guides you on an intimate journey to explore the complexities of personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation. In this episode, we explore the stark contrast between what we often perceive on social media and the messy, real-life process of transformation.

Join Lorrae as she uncovers the truth behind the filters, rose petals, and perfectly curated images. She sheds light on the messy AF moments that go unspoken—the dark nights of the soul, Saturn returns, and the collapse of our perceived worlds. These experiences, while painful, can serve as catalysts for change, urging us to shift our lives in radical ways.

No longer will we confine ourselves to highlight reels and filtered narratives. Instead, we fearlessly embrace the beautifully messy reality of the healing journey. Delve into the process of dismantling illusions and equipping ourselves for change.

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What is Rebirth, and My Rebirth Journey

In this episode, Lorrae shares her personal journey of self-discovery, struggles with unhealthy relationship dynamics, patterns of burnout in work, and negative self-beliefs — exploring how our patterns impact our lives, and our growth on the journey to break free from them.

We challenge the notion that the rebirth process is a linear, picture-perfect story, and acknowledge the raw truth of self-discovery. It’s not just about reaching the other side; it’s about acknowledging the darkness and messiness it takes to get there.

We liberate ourselves from illusions, and surrender to the beautifully messy reality of the healing journey toward our deepest selves, where authenticity and self-discovery thrive as we embrace discomfort, dismantle old beliefs, and trust the process of our transformation.


In this episode, we chat about:

  • Catalysts for change: The purpose of pivotal moments in life that push us to our breaking point, where we can no longer continue down the same path. Recognizing the relationships, career burnout, or sudden life changes that force us to make a shift, and embracing the need to embark on a transformational journey.
  • The messy AF reality of growth: Let’s face it – transformation is not as glamorous as social media makes it out to be. We strip away the filters to reveal the messy process of rebirth beyond illusions: dismantling old patterns, understanding our role, and actively working to break free and become our most authentic selves.
  • Embracing the unknown: As we dismantle our old selves, we step into the unknown — grappling with fear, questioning our choices, and facing the pain of letting go. We explore this liminal space, where we don’t yet know who we’re becoming or what the outcome will be.
  • Rediscovering a new self: As we undergo a complete shift in our lives, we redefine how we relate to the world and our roles within it. We explore the challenges of adaptation, longing for the past, and integrating new tools, skills, and practices to live a new version of our lives.


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