The EroticFilms website has the tagline of “adult cinema on demand.” Here you’ll find a better quality collection of films for adults, the vast majority by female directors and scriptwriters.

The website has an extensive range of films from a diverse body of global directors. It is run by Erika Lust a Swedish sex-positive feminist who calls herself an indie erotic filmmaker. She’s driven by the philosophy of ensuring that women’s pleasure matters (a philosophy we absolutely love!). She also has created a diverse collection of films featuring everyday people, including different types of body types, ages, races and preferences – many of which are often left out in mainstream porn.

Unlike many other erotic film sites, you don’t have to commit to any lengthly subscription or endure annoying pop-ups and dodgy websites loading behind the scenes. Simply create an account, then choose the films you’re interested in viewing and rent them for a 72 hour period, or buy forever. After purchasing, they will appear in your active rentals list and you’ll be able to stream them. You can’t download the films, but will be able to watch on any Internet-connected device, like a computer, mobile phone, smart TV, game console or a tablet.

Ethical Films for Every Desire

The site covers almost every category you can dream up! While exploring it, you’ll find everything from sex education to lesbian, bisexual, comedy, group sex, sensual massage, BDSM, anal, trans, roleplay and much more. If you’re not sure where to start, the ‘Best Sellers’ section is a great place, as it spotlights the most popular films amongst users. And each of the films is ethically made, meaning fair wages for stars, safe sex regulations, and regular testing.

Some of Our Favorites…

I had the pleasure of viewing some of the films that peaked my interest, and must say they met all my lust-filled expectations.

Tips and Tricks for Suckin’ Dicks was a fun instructional video of a couple demonstrating how to give a good blow job.

I also enjoyed We Know You’re Watching, which is about a lady caught watching her neighbors have sex, who is then asked to join in the fun. In short, it’s a threesome including a stranger, but with more delicious details.

One of my favorite features on the EroticFilms site is the X Confessions series, a unique project and brainchild of Erika that turns anonymous people’s fantasies into cinematic short films. Titillation to a new level… (X Confessions sadly is no longer available, but there are still plenty of other amazing films to check out!)

The quality of the films I sampled were a ton better than the free stuff. It was obvious they were professionally shot, and featured relatable characters and pleasurable storylines. Sometimes it’s a slow burn or no burn, but still much more satisfying than the regular stuff.

This site is a must-visit for any girl or couple looking to indulge in high-quality, enticingly created erotica! P.S. SGP readers get a FREE film with code SLUTTYGIRL. 

Remember, life is too short for bad porn!

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