Lets talk BDSM, babes. I love it! Which is why I jumped at the chance to review the Expandable Spreader Bars & Cuffs by Sportsheets, made by one of the most popular bondage companies. I love restraints, and this spreader bar is designed to keep your legs bound and spread beyond your control. I happen to be highly flexible, so this bar spread my legs less open than I’m able to spread them myself. But even so, the experience is incredibly sexy, restraining, and can help keep you all tied up even in tricky positions.

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The Bar & Cuffs

The bar comes in three parts and is collapsible, which I love since they stretch out from 29 to 37 inches when fully expanded and would be a pain to store if they didn’t. Each segment of the bar is 14.5 inches long and about an inch wide. The set comes with two cloth Velcro cuff attachments that fit my fat-ass ankles just fine. There is an additional D-ring in the very middle of the bar in case you want to clip handcuffs to it or a collar, whatever you’re into. The cuffs are attached via spring loaded clips and could be removed if you have a pair you prefer. There are multiple lengths the bar can open to so its very customizable.

In Use

So I used the spreader bar twice to get a feel for it. Once during regular non-BDSM-y sex and once during a BDSM play session. Both times I was excited to try it and used it once standing up and once lying down and neither time did I attach the handcuffs, though maybe that would have made me like using the product more.

My problem was that the clips that hold the leg cuffs into place lose a good 3 inches on both sides of hold – they are flexible and I really noticed that loss in length, though maybe someone who hasn’t destroyed their hip-flexors into floppy rubber bands would find it wide enough, in fact, I’m sure of it. Both partners played along in good spirits and the bar came off after about five minutes of use.

The Verdict

If you’re as flexible as the average person, this product will probably work great for you! The construction works, its easy to get on and off in the middle of play, it collapses easily for storage, its not hard to set up (though it does take both hands) and the cuffs are comfy and adjustable. I’m still giving this product a 9/10 – because its not Sportsheets’ fault that I was addicted to maintaining my splits once I got them in 7th grade.


If you’re looking for some fun restraints for BDSM play or even just an aid for some tricky positions, I would recommend the Expandable Spreader Bar – as long as you’re not a recovering stretch-a-holic (cheerleaders and dancers this includes you). Its fun, well done and a great addition to any play-space.

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