Why We Love Them

Feminine and toy wipes are a must-have item in every toy box or travel kit. They aren’t a sex toy, but they certainly make sex a lot better! They are easy to use, discreet, and disposable. They’re perfect for toys, on-the-go hookups, or simply just freshening up… and while living in dorms (to save embarrassing trips to the bathroom) or during travel (for some quick clean up of yourself or your toys on the go). Whether you’re busy or just lazy, you’ll find a use for these super convenient wipes. They are the must-have staple for any bedside drawer, giving you a sense of relief, convenience, and personal health for a happier sex experience all around. My review below!

Note: This product is no longer available. You can get clean-up wipes for sex and toys at Lovehoney.


Perfect For

Toy wipes can be used on just about any toy you own. Primarily, I use toy wipes on toys that are not waterproof, or on the battery packs of bullet vibes. But, toy wipes are also great for a quick clean up before and after play, without making a long trip to the bathroom. After all, once you’re all tired out from using your toys, who wants to rush to the sink immediately? It’s much more convenient to just reach in your nightstand and pull out a toy wipe to quickly and conveniently clean your toys.

Also, while many toys can be washed with soap and water, others (particularly toys that are not waterproof) are too delicate to withstand that kind of treatment. So, toy wipes are the perfect solution, providing safety and cleanliness without a ton of hassle or the possibility of ruining your toys.

You can even use feminine and toy wipes for personal hygiene while traveling. I’ve used them at festivals, while camping, and have even brought them with me for a quick clean up before a random hookup or one-night-stand. They’re easy to bring in your purse on the go, travel with, or keep in your side drawer for when you just need to quickly freshen up.

We Recommend

We recommend Eden Fantasy’s All Purpose Wet Wipes. Unlike baby or bathroom wipes, these wipes are specially designed for your coochie and toys.

Note: This product is no longer available. You can get clean-up wipes for sex and toys at Lovehoney.


First, Eden’s Wipes are totally anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic, so they are totally body-safe. They won’t irritate, burn, or itch your skin, which is especially important when dealing with sensitive lady bits. Typically, other cleaning wipes use harsh chemicals when can not only hurt your body but leave a residue on your body and toys. Yuck.

Second, these wipes feel soft, clean, and moisturized, but without that awful chemical smell and soapy feel of baby wipes. They are not oily and there is no sticky or wet residue that will be left behind on your skin or toys. Rather, your skin will feel a bit more silky, refreshed, and smooth. There is no strange taste or odor left behind, either. That strong chemical smell of baby wipes is totally lost with Eden’s Wipes. Instead, they have a very subtle smell that is light, floral, clean, and most of all, barely noticeable. Your partner will never even know you used them!

Even with a light scent and soft texture, these strong wipes can stand up to some tough wear. They are soft enough to be gentle on your skin, yet thick enough to get within the groves and textures of more complex toys. For external toys, like clitoral vibes, toy wipes are perfect for easy and carefree cleaning. Even for internal toys, like traditional or g-spot vibrators and dildos, toy wipe are easy to use to a quick clean up after play, even if you want to do a more thorough cleaning later.


Best of all, these wipes are easy to travel with and store. They come in a convenient re-usable package with a taped over top to keep the wipes fresh even after you’ve opened the package and prevent them from leaking or drying out during travel. Even if you plan to use the wipes sparingly, the packaging alone will keep them fresh and moisturized while in storage.

Pros & Cons


  • They work for a variety of uses
  • No residue or stickiness
  • Can easily store them or travel with them
  • Cheap; can be a free gift with an EF purchase


  • I wish more came in a pack


Overall, these are the best feminine and toy wipes I’ve come across, and totally worth the money if you’re a sex toy junkie like me!

Note: This product is no longer available. You can get clean-up wipes for sex and toys at Lovehoney.


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