As an avid BDSM player, I jumped on the opportunity to review these babies. Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Gold Feather Nipple Clamps have gorgeous gold metal and black tipped design with fluffy spotted feathers that hang delicately off the clamps. They are designed to be beautiful and functional, with a strong and secure design. The screw-style clip to tighten the clamps make me feel like a real BDSM badass. I’d give these clamps a solid A. They’re perfect for a BDSM beginner who wants a clamp that can be easily adjusted and still look awesome.

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Name: Fetish Fantasy Gold Feather Nipple Clamps
Nipple Clamps, Pain Play Toys, BDSM Toys
By: Pipedream, Fetish Fantasy

Hearts: 5 Hearts 
Quality: 4 Stars
Intensity: 5 Devils

Material: Metal, Rubber

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Fierce Feathers

The feathers are soft and long enough to tickle, but not long enough to get messy. They are securely fastened to the rest of the clamp, and can take a bit off pulling and tugging without breaking. Yet, they’re delicately placed to tickle and tease your most intimate areas with ease. They look beautiful during wear, and can be used as a warm up to excite your nipples or other sensitive areas with a light sensation. They are nice quality feathers that don’t fall off or get disheveled during wear or play.

Fun & Functional

Having my nipples pierced makes it semi-difficult to wear nipple clamps, but I quickly figured out that you can simply place them behind your piercing. The two inch clamps are soft and small enough for me to fit them behind my piercing, with no pain. So, I’m positive that these clamps would be a good fit for most nipples, regardless of size or shape. The rubber tips coat the weal, and give it a soft and comfortable feel. The metal is strong, and the clamps can be easily adjusted with the screw top. I did some bouncing and tugging on them, these little babies definitely stay on!

Pros & Cons


  • Pretty, soft, sensual feathers
  • Strong clasp
  • Adjustable


  • None!


Simple and sleek, these inexpensive yet pretty nipple clamps are everything a girl could ask for. I’d recommend these to a BDSM beginner, especially one who likes a little more pain with their pleasure. Experienced users may find them a bit elementary, but otherwise, they are a fabulous low-cost nipple clamp that’s effective, comfortable, and high quality for the price.

Thank you, Pipedream, for these lovely clamps!

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