You’ve probably heard of penis pumps before… tubes that use a pumping method to rush blood to the penis and make it bigger. But have you heard of the female version, the pussy pump? Don’t worry if you haven’t… I hadn’t heard of this type of toy until recently, either. In fact, even after discovering it, I was skeptical that this type of toy could be pleasurable. In porn, it definitely looked… interesting. But would it be something I’d enjoy? Or just an interesting novelty used a few times, then doomed to a hidden life inside the lowest levels of my toy drawer?

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend the Doc Johnson Pussy Pump instead!

After giving the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Vaginal Pump a try… I can confirm that it’s… still interesting. I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as pleasurable all the time, though it can be. And while it won’t be the first, second, or even third thing I reach to play with… it might end up coming in handy occasionally, as it’s a simple way to increase sensitivity and sensation without using any lubes or arousal oils. If you’re into sexual novelty and are as fascinated by this type of toy as I was when I first learned about it, I can confirm that it’s definitely worth a try.

How Does It Work?

The pussy pump essentially works the same as a penis pump, just with a different design meant specifically to enlarge the labia, clitoris, and entire area encased by the pump. The basic concept is that when you create a seal and pump out the air, a vacuum forms, which increases blood flow and creates swelling. This swelling increases sensitivity of all the engorged areas, thus making it more pleasurable.

Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Vaginal Pump is a clear plastic cup with pink trim, a hand pump, and a contoured inner area designed to hold a vibrating bullet. The clear portion is placed over the vagina, and is contoured to fit comfortably and snuggly, thus creating an airtight seal. While it’s not technically adjustable in any way, it could comfortably fit a variety of shapes and sizes.

Once you’ve got the cup properly placed, you use the hand pump to create a vacuum. You’ll start to feel swelling and throbbing as your blood rushes to the area, but soon you’ll notice that your entire labia has expanded to proportions bigger than you thought possible. Seriously, it’s incredibly puffy. Truth be told, I was shocked that my vagina could look like that. More detail below about what this sensation actually feels like… but for now, just know that functionally, the pump works exactly as it’s supposed to.

The inside of the cup also holds a small bullet style vibrator, and features some contoured ridges to help stimulate you in all the right spots. While the vibrator included is relatively weak, you can easily insert your own favorite vibrator into the slot to give you a more intense sensation.

What’s It Like?

The entire sensation felt tingly, intense, and very sensitive. You can easily feel the pressure and sensation intensifying with each pump. At times, it can even feel like the entire area is throbbing. I wouldn’t necessarily describe the sensation itself as pleasurable, but certainly with the increased sensitivity, anything after that felt more intense. Sometimes the intensity was definitely too much, but I wouldn’t describe anything about the experience as “painful”. Instead, it sometimes felt overly sensitive or stretched to the max, which was uncomfortable at times. You can easily adjust the pressure though to get the sensation you’re looking for. Granted, this particular product doesn’t have a pressure gauge on it, so you can’t exactly tell how much pressure is there, but you can keep pumping gradually to reach your desired sensation without it feeling uncomfortable. If you find that the sensation is uncomfortable, the pump has a built-in quick release valve, which release the suction immediately and takes away the vacuum seal.

A Few Tips

The first few times you use the product, it may be difficult to get the seal around the pump’s cup just right. I’d recommend applying some lube around the edge to help with your comfort and also to create a more complete seal. You also might want to be mindful of any pubic hair, as that can also reduce the seal. Make sure to gradually pump to toy so that you can get used to the sensation and avoid discomfort.

We found that the vibrator wasn’t that exciting as we had hoped. Even with a stronger vibrator, the pussy pump in general feels more like “foreplay” than the main event. We found it was best used as a way to increase sensitivity before or during play, rather than trying to use it as the main way to gain pleasure. Certainly, vibrations can help to intensify the sensation… they just didn’t seem to be as pleasurable as promised. So, we’ll mostly be using this toy without the vibrator from now on.

Just like penis pumps, it’s recommended to keep the suction in place for a while (even 20 minutes and up) to get the “best results” and keep your pumped up status lasting throughout your sex session. We found that just a minute or two was enough to get us going… and that waiting around too much after than was a buzzkill. But, you can feel free to use this toy however you please, even if that means keeping it on for a quite a while to get an extra-intense sensation.


Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Vaginal Pump works exactly as intended, and I truly have no complaints. It creates exactly the suction I imagined, and the sensation was definitely nothing like I’d ever experienced before. While it’s not necessarily pleasurable on it’s own, it definitely helps to increase the pleasurable sensations of other types of play. I’d definitely recommend giving this toy a try if you’ve ever been curious about it (or even if it just seems interesting). If you’re anything like me, you won’t be disappointed!

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend the Doc Johnson Pussy Pump instead!


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