When I’m in the mood to watch porn, it is always such a struggle to find something that’s actually arousing. I end up spending way too long browsing clips on cluttered sites, with ads flashing about all the horny hotties in my zip code. Porn on well-known websites is always very hetero male-oriented, which unfortunately means women are practically props. The energy is often aggressive and the acting is overly exaggerated, not exactly conducive to a relaxing pleasure session. Half the time the ‘stories’ start in the middle and the videos are full up of choppy jump cuts. Personally, it’s so much easier to enjoy a scenario when there’s a backstory and some build-up. I need that sense of reality and plausibility to stay turned on. 

One group that knows exactly what I’m talking about is ForPlay Films. This all-women production company, led by Inka Winter, is creating porn specifically aimed at a female audience. I had high hopes that this female powered content would have a more realistic feel and that there would be actual chemistry between the partners. Their erotica has been recognized in film festivals across the globe. They’ve won “Best Sex” at Dan Savage’s film festival, Hump, twice! Previously they’ve been a part of Cinekink NY, Long Beach film Festival, Peephole Guadalajara, and Briefs SF festivals. Currently, they have multiple films in SF porn film festival, Berlin porn film festival, Vienna porn film festival, and Dreamachine LA. With all of these accolades, ForPlay Films did not disappoint!


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First Impressions of ForPlay Films

The thing that initially stands out about ForPlay Films is the aesthetics of the website. It’s not dark or loaded with ads, and you’re not immediately hit with crude thumbnails and cringey titles. Instead, it’s a clean-cut site that feels more like a company showcasing the work they’ve done. It’s very simple to navigate. You can take a moment to learn more about who they are and how they came to be on the About tab. Or you can jump to the main content by clicking on the Videos button!

I really like how they’ve laid out their selection of films. When you go to the Videos page, rather than seeing a typical thumbnail, each film has its own movie poster, like the kind you’d see hanging in a theater. The posters have a very artsy, independent film style, it feels like you’re browsing through a streaming service on a Friday night, trying to pick a regular movie to watch. It’s a simple but brilliant touch that really adds to the quality aesthetics of the site. 


forplay films, erotica, feminist


Another thing you’ll notice is that there aren’t pages and pages of videos and they aren’t broken out into categories that you usually see on other porn sites. Right now there are 20 erotic films available, ForPlay puts out a new one every month, so the collection is growing. Once you watch you’ll see the quality and cinematic skill that goes into these erotic films, and you’ll be craving more!


Watch ForPlay Films

ForPlay Films is a membership based site, so you’ll need to create an account before you can sit back and enjoy. Signing up takes a minute and it only costs $9.99 a month for unlimited access and a completely ad free experience. Even with just 20 movies available so far, ForPlay has a variety of arousing content. The purpose of ForPlay Films is to provide erotica from the genuine point of view of women. All of the films are powered by a feminist perspective and it is extremely sexy! Women are taking the lead, putting their pleasure front and center, and fully embracing their bodies without a hint of hesitation. “Avery Jane” is a very provocative encounter between a sex worker and her client. It perfectly illustrates how sex work should be respected as a profession. “Modern Love” follows the journey of a couple’s relationship from their picturesque meeting through very passionate and satisfying sex. But ultimately they grow apart and the woman is totally happy sticking with her vibrator. There’s even some humor with stories like the 2 part noir style “Murder Mystery Dinner”, where all the characters are sexually involved and everyone has a motive! No matter which film draws your attention they’re all unique and driven by real pleasure. 


forplay films, erotica, feminist


I do enjoy that ForPlay employs a diverse cast of performers. They’re all professionals but they also look like everyday people. I did notice that so far the films don’t delve into hardcore kink, there is some rope play, and outdoor/public scenarios. ForPlay has specifically chosen to start on what some may consider the lighter side, to make the idea of kinky sex more widely accessible to viewers. That being said, I have the inside scoop that there will be more films exploring kinky sex to come!

The quality of production differentiates ForPlay from other sites. The sets and costumes are designed to completely immerse you in the story. The camera work is professional, not shaky home videos that were shot in someone’s apartment. It really feels like you’re watching a feature film rather than a standard porno. Being directed by women you get a different perspective and energy. There’s more chemistry between the characters, adding to a more realistic connection that is often missing in porn. Especially in the longer movies where there’s time for more backstory and a buildup of sexual tension between the characters. One of the movies, Touch, is a beautifully shot session between a couple, and it’s clear that the main focus is the woman’s pleasure, the man’s pants don’t even come off till 15 minutes into the film! Inka Winter makes it a point to ask the female performers who they’d prefer to work with so there is a more natural connection. Some of the films even feature real couples! 


Sex Education by ForPlay Films

What really rounds out the mission of ForPlay Films is their Sexucation series. It’s a collection of short videos, that address important topics around sex. The videos are unique in their humorous and entertaining delivery. You’ll find tips on communicating with your partner, which if you’ve followed SGP for any length of time, you know how important being open and honest is. There’s also great information on the history of birth control for women AND men. 


forplay films, erotica, feminist


I see this as an important part of the website because it takes into account how porn is usually used. Lots of people watch standard porn and think that’s how sex is supposed to be. They don’t realize that’s not what sex between people in a healthy relationship is. Most porn is very one-sided and focused on male pleasure. It can be rough and aggressive, and people forget the performers are acting for your entertainment. ForPlay Films bring a realness to the connections in their porn and shows there are many different kinds of pleasure. 


Sign Up for ForPlay Films


forplay films, erotica, feminist


I encourage everyone to go sign up for ForPlay Films. Their content is ethically filmed with a brilliant combination of costume, acting, and directing. Even if you think you’re satisfied with other porn sites, open yourself up to a different perspective. ForPlay’s erotica is distinct from stereotypical porn sites. There’s no spammy ads, or cringey forced connections. You get fully formed sexy stories, with unique plots where everyone comes out satisfied. Plus soon to come Winter will be releasing audio recordings for sexual meditations. These guided sessions will walk listeners through incorporating the practices of mindfulness in their sex lives, and all the benefits that come from being fully present in these moments. An account is only $9.99 a month and you can cancel at any time. Their collection is only growing with new films added every month! 


Join ForPlay Films for $9.99/month


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