Frolic Me encompasses a wide variety of arousal tools for women. The site offers films, stories, photo galleries, and blog posts. Each of these sections is specially designed with women (and couples!) in mind. The experience at Frolic Me is very romance oriented, with a focus on seduction, passion, and sensuality.

The Films

Frolic Me offers an extensive library of erotic films (read: porn), which is updated each week. Each of the films has a theme or plot, rather than just “meaningless” sex. At the time of this review, there were solo masturbation scenes, girl-on-girl scenes, heterosexual couple scenes, and threesome scenes. You shouldn’t have any difficulty finding something that tickles your fancy. Furthermore, many of the performers on Frolic Me’s site appear in multiple films, so if you find yourself taking a liking to someone, it’s quite likely you’ll be able to see more of them! All of the films are available to members for download also, so you can watch your favourites time and time again.

As stated above, Frolic Me focuses on the softer side of sex. These films are sensuous and romantic. This means you will see lots of kissing and foreplay, and not very much hard, rough sex. (This is unfortunate for ladies who are into these things. I would love to see some of the stories in future branch out to less vanilla encounters.) To get a feel for what Frolic Me’s films are like, you can sign up for their newsletter and receive one free film! The visual and audio quality of all the videos is very high.

The Stories

What makes Frolic Me truly unique is the stories that accompany the films. Each story is based on a film from the site. While the films let you see the action, the stories let you in on the plot and what the characters are thinking and feeling. If you like reading erotica, you’ll love these stories – it’s just like having each of your favorite books made into a marvelous movie! One complaint I have in regards to the stories though is that because there are several authors who contribute to the site, the quality varies. Some of the stories are beautifully written and perfectly capture the essence of the film they accompany, but others feel awkward and it’s hard to immerse myself in what’s happening due to grammar and syntax errors.

The Gallery

The photo gallery at Frolic Me is comprised of still shots taken from the films. As you enjoy one of the short stories, you have the opportunity to explore photos from the same scene. All of the photos are stunning HD quality and Frolic Me’s galleries include both nude and semi-nude photos.

The Magazine

Last but not least is Frolic Me’s “magazine” section, or blog posts. The blog posts have no central theme other than sex and vary vastly in content. You can expect site updates, personal thoughts and reflections, informative tips, brief guides, and much more!


Frolic Me is easy to navigate and offers many ways to turn yourself on. If you’re looking for a female-oriented porn and erotica site, with a focus on softer sex and romance, look no further! Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter and receive your free film, “Morning Fuck”.

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