Many partners think about buying their boyfriend a sex toy. Some want to surprise them with a kinky and naughty gift, while others would like to introduce toys into their sex life and make it more exciting. If you’ve been thinking about getting your partner a sex toy, but you’re wondering how to talk to him about it and choose the right toy, then this guide is for you!

Editor’s Note: This article is about buying a sex toy for sexual partners, in particular folks with penises, and at times will use more heteronormative terms to refer to the types of relationships discussed. This is of importance for this particular topic to the stigma surrounding the use of sex toys by cis men. However, these are still great tips for any partnered relationship!

Should You Get One for Your BF?

Before you head off to the nearest adult toy store, you should first ask yourself: Are you 100 percent comfortable with the idea of your boyfriend using a sex toy? If you are comfortable with it and think your partner would like it, then there’s no reason not to buy one. If you’re still on the fence, here are a few reasons why “male” sex toys are awesome and why you should definitely surprise your BF with a new toy:

  • It makes sex more exciting — Bringing a new toy to bed allows you to experiment with various positions, rhythms, and styles and also helps you discover new aspects of sex you might not have found otherwise.
  • It helps him last longer — Some toys are designed to help men develop more stamina and last for several more minutes, which means longer and better escapades for you.
  • It helps mutual masturbation — Technically, you can masturbate with just your hands, but sometimes it’s more enjoyable and exciting when both of you use toys and watch each other reach the brink of orgasm.
  • It can be a substitute for you — No matter how much you love sex, there are still times when you’re not up for it, or you can’t because you’re traveling. During these times, your partner can use his sex toys and get his fix — even when you’re not around or you’re not in the mood.

Introducing Him to the Idea

This isn’t really necessary if you and your boyfriend already use sex toys on a regular basis, or have at least used one once. However, if he hasn’t used a toy before, you may want to talk to him about it to make sure he’ll welcome sex toys with open arms.

You can start by talking about sex toys in a regular conversation. Ask him what he thinks about using toys and gauge his reaction; if he says that he doesn’t mind using them or that he’s curious about them, it’s a clue that he’s open to experimentation.

Once you’ve talked about toys for some time, you can tell him outright that you’d love to play with them and include them in your bedroom activities. Assure him that although what you currently have is enough to satisfy you, you also want him to experience the excitement that sex toys bring… for both you AND him.

Choosing the Right Toy

There are lots of sex toys in the market nowadays, but this doesn’t mean you should buy the first product you come across. To ensure you’ll get great value for your money, you need to choose the best possible sex toy for your boyfriend. Here’s how to do it:

1. Determine what he wants

Sit down with your BF and ask him what type of toy he wants. If he’d like something to use during sex, a cock ring might do the trick. If he wants something that he can masturbate with, a masturbation sleeve is the best choice.

Of course, asking him what he likes isn’t an option if you want to give him a sex toy as a surprise gift. If this is the case, you’ll need to make the best possible guess and buy a toy that you think he’ll appreciate. If you’re not sure, you can always get more than one!

2. Know what size to get

Some sex toys are one-size-fits-all, while others are available in different sizes. If you decide to buy the latter, you need to measure your partner’s penis or ask him about his specific measurements within a natural conversation. This way you can buy a toy that would fit him snugly and will keep him comfortable while using it.

3. Compare several products

Once you’ve decided on the type of sex toy you’ll buy, look for several makes and models of the product and compare them with each other. Doing this is important since it will give you an idea of how each toy performs compared to its competitors. It will also help you separate the good from the bad and choose a product that stands out from the crowd.

4. Read product reviews

Don’t just believe what manufacturers have to say. To learn more about the sex toy you’re planning to buy, it’s important to read the reviews that other customers have made, like ours! This way, you’ll find out if they loved using the product or if they weren’t satisfied with its material, design, or performance. You’ll also know which sex toy has exceeded people’s expectations and gained a lot of fans along the way.

5. Look for a reliable shop

Not all adult toy stores are made equal. Some offer high-quality toys, while others sell cheap knockoffs. To get your money’s worth, look for shops that provide genuine sex toys from trusted brands. This way you have the assurance that you’re buying products with excellent quality and will give you great value for money!

Final Note

Buying a sex toy for your boyfriend can be a daunting task, particularly if it’s your first time doing so. However, if you take the right steps, you can choose the perfect sex toy that will delight your BF and make your sex life more exciting. If you follow the tips above, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect toy to tempt him!