Spring is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to spend your days and nights than by getting a little rowdy with your favorite country boys and girls – especially once summer arrives. It seems like every one’s shaking it for Luke Bryan, wearing flannel, shotgunning PBR, and yelling ‘Merica! You may not live in Small Town USA, carry a shotgun permit, or have a Dale Jr. sticker on the back of your truck, but you can still find a way to have a country spring and summer. Try the top country-girl-approved methods below to have that country fun, even if you’re city-bound. BTW: Everything on this list involves alcohol.

1. Camping 

Spending a night or two in the great outdoors is always a great way to bond with your friends and enjoy nature.  Nothing’s better than cracking a cold one and laying out under the sun, or beneath the stars.

Camping allows for plenty of fun activities like hiking, fishing, making s’mores, having sex in tents or truck beds, or where ever else you wanna get down and dirty (literally).

So grab a few blankets, a little moonshine and some lighter fluid and go build a bonfire to snuggle around. Don’t forget to buy several cases of beer and LOTS of ice. Maybe bring some bug spray too. Also, you may have to have some one check you for ticks…

2. Tailgating

Now that country music is more popular than ever, you can basically find a country concert in any part of the country, especially in major cities. My recommendation list of must see shows include Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, and Luke Bryan, all of whom are on the road this summer!

Country concerts may not be on same level of Coachella as far as fashion goes, but it’s still really fun to dress the part! Props if you have genuine cowboy boots (let’s all google Tony Lama real quick). Cut off jeans are an easy staple piece, as well as a bikini top or a cute sundress. Also, when in doubt, wear something with the American flag printed on it. You can’t go wrong showing off the ‘ole red, white and blue.

Get ready to pre-game in the parking lot surrounded by fellow fans… some more dedicated than others. Tailgating is equally as awesome as the show itself. It’s the perfect reason to day drink, barbecue, and meet lots of new people.

The show is fun too, sometimes you’re just too far gone to remember the details…

3. Line Dancing

Line dancing is not my thing, mostly because I don’t know any dances and the people who do know them are really good at it. It’s a little intimidating. But you can take lessons to learn. Or you can just get drunk at the bar and pick up the hot guys who do know how to line dance. There’s also designated “freestyle” dance time usually at the end of the night for all the girls who just want to dance/grind/whatever.

4. Bull Riding 

The mechanical bull is always a blast whether you’re good at staying on or not. There’s just something intrinsically sexy about being rocked around on a faux bull and holding on with just your legs… that is, if you’re doing it right. Guys love it when girls can ride the bull well. It’s like a preview for what may happen later, if he’s lucky.

5. Getting Outdoorsy

Spring and summer are the perfect time to lace up those boots and get outside. If you have a lake or water around, some of the best country favorites are boating and tubing. Plus, it gives you a chance to rock your bikini bod while sippin sweet tea and tanning. Who can complain?

If you’re more land locked, get dirty while off-roading, biking, or ATV-ing. You can even try target or skeet shooting. If you don’t know how to do any of the above – don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a hottie to help you out, and hold on to.

6. Skinny Dipping

What list would be complete without skinny dipping? Skinny dipping is perfect on a hot day, and it’s the ultimate night-cap. Not only is it refreshingly fun, but also incredibly sexy when done right. So strip down and jump in!