Looking for a fun way to brighten up your man’s underwear collection? One that’ll remind him of his days spent fantasizing about super heroism? Ginch Gonch has just the answer with their Under-Man Long Briefs. Inspired by the exaggerated art and sound words found in popular comics, these cheeky boxer briefs are nothing less than attention grabbing. We just wish their fit lived up to our expectations, as well.

Note: This design is no longer available, but you can find similar products from Ginch Gonch!

Action-Packed Design

On it’s own, the bold and colorful design of these boxer briefs will catch your eyes. But seeing your guy in them will truly bring about their playful and carefree nature! With a light grey base hiding behind small speech balloons, stars and spirals, along with vibrant exclamatory sayings, it’s like the catchphrases of your favorite DC Comics jumped right off the pages and onto these briefs. Like the animated print, a bright yellow, anti-muffin top waistband, with ‘Ginch Gonch’ written in fancy, red font, wraps all the way around these undergarments. And as long briefs, they stop about mid thigh, providing a good deal of coverage.

Tucked Fit

One of the things we love about this brand is their choice to go tagless. You won’t have to worry about a pesky tag poking you, or worse, awkwardly sticking out since they’re stitched to the back of Ginch Gonch’s undergarments.

Another wonderful thing is their use of a unique four-way stretch fabric. It’s meant to be form-fitting and comfortable for the wearer, and for the most part worked with the polyester-spandex blend of the Under-man briefs. Though, not for all areas. While a pouch is built into the design, it didn’t provide any room for my guy’s junk. He described practically having to tuck his penis in and feeling as though the underwear was on backwards. So we could only imagine the struggle an even more endowed guy would have.

Care & Cleaning

To preserve the vivid coloring and keep these briefs in tip-top condition, it is best to machine wash in cold water (preferably on a delicate cycle) and tumble dry on low. Afterwards, simply arrange them in your underwear drawer until their next turn to be worn.


Your guy will definitely “live like a kid” in Ginch Gonch’s Under-Man Long Briefs! Bold colors and explosive words are a reminder of lighthearted childhood days spent reading comic books full of adventure and action. And while we loved the playful design, the briefs fell a little short in the comfort department. Rather than a full body-forming fit, they were restrictive with no real space to accommodate my guy’s junk in the front.

Note: This design is no longer available, but you can find similar products from Ginch Gonch!

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