We’ve come a long way from the early 1900s when ladies and gents on the beach were covered from their knees to their shoulders. Now we’re rocking teeny tiny bikinis and schlong thongs. However, many of us blush at the thought of stripping down to our birthday suits, while nudists dare to go bare. Here are ten reasons why you should join them – at least once.

1. You’ll instantly start accepting the skin you’re in.

Baring it all means practicing some serious body acceptance – of both your body, and the bodies of others. Suddenly, you’ll realize your penis isn’t really that small, your breasts really aren’t that uneven, your birthmark doesn’t look so strange, and you’re not fat. Everyone’s body looks normal and natural and seeing them naturally is a big relief from the “perfect” bodies we’re used to seeing.

2. It’s nothing sexual.

At all public nude beaches that I’m aware of, sexual activity is strictly prohibited. After all, it’s a public place. Private clubs and resorts can make their own rules, but if you’re going to a public beach, you can be assured no one will be shagging in the sand (which is super uncomfortable, anyway).

3. You’ll break a taboo.

Most people are only naked when they’re showering or having sex, which creates a taboo that being naked is somehow naughty. But going to a nudist beach helps you realize being naked isn’t a big deal after all.

4. Two words: Vitamin D.


Places that have never seen the light before will suddenly get a big boost of Vitamin D. Don’t forget the sunblock, though!

5. Naturists are usually very open-minded and accepting.

With all your clothes off, how could you not be open-minded? Unlike a regular beach where people stick to themselves, nude beaches are fabulous for friendly social interaction. Although we are all very different, being nude shows us that, in many ways, we’re all the same.

6. You’ll meet everyone and their grandmother.

People from all walks of life are nudists. I’ve met nudists who are doctors, lawyers, ministers, sci-fi authors, entrepreneurs, fashion designers – even an archbishop. You never know who you’ll meet.

7. It’s an equal playing field.

Without flashy designer bathing suits, jewelry, and material goods that usually divide us, people are freer to be themselves and accept others.

8. Skinny dipping feels divine.

You’ll be surprised to see what floats.

9. No tan lines!

Get sun-kissed below the belt, with no lines to detract from your perfect, even tan.

10. You were born that way.

Embracing your birthday suit just feels right.

Honestly, the most stressful part is thinking about going to a nude beach is the build-up beforehand. Once you’re there, no one cares. So go ahead – dare to go bare!