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Make Missionary Hotter

Missionary is essentially the bread and butter of sex; a bedroom staple that beginners try first, and experienced lovers still treasure. This intimate, face-to-face position allows romantic couples to slowly connect, gaze into each others eyes, lovingly embrace each other, and all that other dreamy shit couples like to do. But for the rest of us, it’s a standard and simple sex position that we can’t help but go back to for some easy and care free pleasure.

Name: Missionary
Type: Guy on Top

Difficulty: Vanilla
Intensity: Mild
Speed: Slow to Steady
Perfect For: Small PenisLarge PenisMarathonsBeginnersRomance

How to Do It

Lay down on your back, with your legs slightly apart. Have your man position himself on top of you, between your thighs. He holds himself up on his arms while thrusting, easily controlling his movements, while you lay back and enjoy the sensations.

Make It Hotter

Although this classic sex position is often scoffed as boring and mundane, there are a TON of ways to spice things up and make this traditionally bland position a LOT more interesting. First, place a pillow under your butt or lower back to give you some extra support, and align your pelvic area to be more in sync with his. You can also bend your knees and arch your hips upward to meet his movements, slowly rocking your hips with his during each thrust. This will line him up perfectly with your clitoris, and give him a straight line to your g-spot for additional sensation in all the right places. Your help with thrusting will also give you more control and power that will rock your world.

In this position, your hands also have a lot of freedom to explore his body. You can allow your finger tips to roam against his arms and chest, play with his hair, or run your fingernails down his back. While he’s thrusting, you can also grip his butt and lightly dig your finger tips into his clenching muscles. With this, you can guide his movements, showing him the exact tempo and strength you prefer. This will maximize your pleasure and give him an extra adrenaline boost when he sees how much you’re enjoying it.


When to Use It

Intimate and simple, you probably lost your virginity in missionary. It’s perfect for those nights when you’re not up for Cirque du Soleil stunts, or just want a classic and easy position to get you off with little effort. Even the most experienced players will turn to this position, especially for marathon sexscapades when they need a break from being totally kink-tastic.

P.S. While searching for images for “Missionary Position”, I found this awesome website – Mormon Missionary Positions – showing that religion and sexuality are totally compatible, and that it’s time for religious institutions to open up and accept homosexuality. Awesome!

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