The average cock is about 6 inches erect, give or take a little.

Fear not, if you’re dealing with a smaller Johnson, it is the motion and technique, not the length that truly matters. Here are some sure-fire tips to getting the most out of the equipment you’re working with, because although they might not at first appear like they can rock your world, looks are often deceiving. Smaller cocks can create a lot to love in the penetration and compensation departments.

As a side note – I’ve been with HUGE guys, and, honestly, it wasn’t very fun. Too big and it slams into your cervix. While some women enjoy cervical stimulation, I am not one of them. So don’t sweat it if you are matched with a smaller member – there’s still a lot to worship… Here are the finer points worth exploring to bring more pleasure to your sex life with a small penis.



Foreplay matters

It matters to everyone, but it especially matters when dealing with those of smaller size. Kiss, fondle, and get your engines going in all the dry hump ways you thought of when you were 13. This helps get them as big as they possibly can be because of all of the build-up. You’re also increasing arousal in other ways by stimulating all of their erogenous zones. A word or two about erogenous zones: erogenous zones are areas of the body that are erotic and respond more sensitively to touch than others. They are oftentimes areas with more concentrated nerve bundles. When we think of erogenous zones, we immediately gravitate toward the cock and pussy – but this tendency is tremendously misguided when having sex with a person with a small penis. You don’t want to go straight for the cock no matter the size. Every experienced lover knows that you must touch your partner in more ways than one and in more places than one to truly get them off, and vice versa.



Stimulate your clitoris

Explore your body with no focus toward your goal of penetration initially. Just enjoy your body and what it can do, fairly independently, with a happy clit. Take the time to explore your clit and find its points of sensitivity – that’s where they’ll need to stimulate when they go down on you. Play what I refer to as the “clock exercise,” wherein you open sesame and let your partner stimulate around your clit just like the hours on a clock to figure out what your hot spots are. Most vulvas have hot spots around “10” and “2” as there are a lot of nerve bundles there. You can also get out your toys and see if your partner likes being a voyeur while you go to town on some self-stimulation. A lot of people love to see their partner get themselves off. It’s a bit thrilling to them. Plus, why not warm up with a few clitoral orgasms?




Your partner has likely been around other penises in locker room scenarios, so they know their size compared to others. Explore how your partner can enhance your pleasure in other departments. Focus on other activities, such as oral sex, and advise them on what you like so they can get really good at it. Give and receive an erotic massage, that’ll get your engines revving. You can also employ the use of your partner’s dexterous fingers…




Clue your partner in on some quick tips to finger mastery, brought to you by yours truly.

1. Be gentle. People with penises are usually used to manhandling their member. You’re not the same way. The clit is uber sensitive. Think of it as a tiny penis. Did you know there are more nerve bundles in the clit alone than there are in penises? Delicate touching is preferred unless you are directed otherwise.

2. Find a comfortable position like sitting/laying down side by side. They can access your vulva more readily from this positioning and also reach inside you, if directed. You can also kiss when you are side by side. The most awkward position is sitting in between your legs.  Just don’t do it.

3. Never touch a dry clit or enter a dry vagina with a dry finger. Wet is best. Just like how penises benefit from some kind of lubricant, vulvas do too. Have your partner lick their finger or use a little bit of artificial lubricant.



4. Don’t rush things. If you’ve gotten good and juiced up, they can enter your vagina with their fingers, but take it at a comfortable pace. Remember all I’ve taught you and all that you’ve learned through experience – a dry finger entering a dry vagina is downright unpleasant. The more your partner stimulates the rest of your body, the more they kiss you, stimulates your clit, the more fun you will have in the penetration department.

5. Keep in mind, the outer third of the vagina has the most abundant nerve endings. Your partner doesn’t need to go deep to stimulate you. Start with the fingertip, then have them slowly work their way inside you. Some people with vulvas like thrusting in and out, some can’t stand it. Some like cervical stimulation, some can’t stand it. Tell your partner what you like and let them learn.

6. Whisper in their ear about how hot they are and how much you want their cock. A little dirty talk never hurt anyone, and adds so much to the experience.





Get confident

Sex isn’t all about penetration. Ask any lesbian, they’ll tell you. There’s plenty of things to do that you can potentially be great at. One of my best sexual experiences was with a person with a smaller member who radiated confidence. It didn’t matter that their dick was the size of a thumb. We got along famously in and out of the bedroom. How do you get your partner more confident? Encourage them to embrace themselves and their body. Get them some coursework and encouragement on confidence – it is such a healthy ingredient for attraction. It also helps for them to know that you are having a good time – that is oftentimes the most encouraging thing you can do in bed. Let your partner know what you like. Chat them up about how hot they are.




Best Sex Positions

It is worth noting that a shorter penis can come in handy, as you’re able to focus on the angle at which you are having sex. With the right position and angle, you can activate your G-spot more readily or focus on clitoral stimulation. The first inch or two of the vagina contains the most nerve bundles, and therefore has the greatest sensitivity.

What are some positions that stimulate the G-spot?




Doggie Style

Anything doggie-related is a sure fire victory for your team when performed at the right angle. Doggie-themed positions can make even the smallest member feel significantly bigger. The trick to creating the most beneficial angle? You want to arch your back while having your butt raised in the air and your thighs pulled in together. Try standing up and placing your hands on a small end table in front of you if you want a variation on this classic position, with your back arched and your butt raised up. You might also try leaning over the arm of a couch with your butt up which frees up your hands for self-stimulation, should you choose to do so (yes, please choose to do so!) Getting tired? You can place a pillow in front to rest your elbows upon while you sit back on your knees for a doggie variation that allows you to push back into your partner, allowing for greater contact and intimacy.


The Snake

For this position you want to be lying face down, with your hips bolstered against a pillow to slightly arch your butt upward. Remember, the trick with a small penis is to capitalize upon the angle at which it enters your vagina. You want there to be a slight angle at all times so your partner has the best chance of reaching your g-spot, or rub against your clitoris. Your feet close together, but open your thighs enough to allow penetration, but just barely. This will create a tighter sensation. You can also ask them to spank you a bit. That’s always fun and keeps the mood light.

The Curled Angel

Think of it as sexy spooning with you in the fetal position and your partner wrapped around you and entering you. This position narrows the vaginal canal so it feels like there’s more of their penis inside of you plus there’s the added intimacy of being so close together. If their penis is particularly small, they will love this position. It will make them feel like a beast even though it’s quite sweet and sensual. It’s the perfect position to stimulate their balls in as well. Give those balls a jiggle and caress them. They’ll go bananas.


Non-traditional Missionary

Keep your legs straight as your partner enters you from on top. Grip their penis with your vagina which will allow them to feel like they’re filling up more of you. Take time to kiss and self- stimulate your clit as your partner moves against you. This is the perfect position to grab their hair and pull them close too. You can stimulate your nipples as well and create a pretty picture for your partner. They don’t care if your body is less than perfect, what they’re looking for is the fact that you’re having a good time. That’s what they’ll envision and remember.




The Eagle

Lay on your back with your legs in the air in the shape of a “V.” Have your partner come at you while they’re sitting on their knees, legs spread, and holding your knees/thighs. This position allows you to take a breather while your partner focuses on depth and thrusts. You might self-stimulate your clit in this position as well to make it a little saucier. Or do a little trick that I learned early on– get a vibrating egg clit massager and place it on your clit. If you get that little number up high enough it’ll skyrocket you and your partner to the next dimension with its vibrations.

So there you have it… my 2 cents  on making the most of your and your partners’ assets! Take the time to explore different positions and sensations together, and expand your definition of sex to include more variety! Experimentation and communication are key to unlocking your endless potential for pleasure.