If you’re a lover of spooky season, your Halloween costume is a highlight of your year’s self-expression. If you’re a lover of spooky RAVE season, then your Halloween ravewear is your self-expression, combined with artistic freedom, euphoric memories, and so much more. Combining the anticipation of a rave and the excitement of putting together a creative costume is the perfect recipe for the ultimate Halloween vibes. You might already have your tickets to a prime Halloween 2022 event like Suwannee Hulaween and are already tossing around some ideas for a Halloween costume. Perhaps you even have a whole line up of tickets for Halloween raves and festivals all season long. That means you have work to do.



Seasoned ravers generally have a go-to for their rave style (unless you’re a renegade and like to switch it up every time.) Either way, rave and festival fashion has distinctly popular camps: a particular flair, a vibe, a flavor for the essence of your party soul. We’ve loaded up some costume ideas for the upcoming Halloween rave season to coincide with the vibes people generally flock to when picking fits. These can all be tuned to look more like a defined Halloween costume or just a really cute rave look but all of them are easy and can be done affordably (especially with our discount code.)


Edgy: Techno Matrix Maven

If your style usually leans edgy: tech wear, sharp colors, and more masculine silhouettes, then a member of the Matrix is an easy choice. Not only are the character’s costumes already super hot and cool enough for rave inspiration, they’re probably easily recreated with pieces you already have. Think Trinity in the vinyl catsuit and those dramatic, tiny sunglasses. Buckle heavy pants, and lug soled boots are also a simple (and warm, for those outdoor events) way to convey the technological world. This is also a Halloween costume for those who don’t want to fuss with too many pieces; the token outfit is so iconic that most people will recognize the reference from the glasses alone.


halloween rave halloween costume ideas


Sultry: Mystical Dark Faerie

We’ve all established faeries are hot. And a rave is basically ripped out of a spicy fae romance novel. The libations, the non stop dancing, the mirage like art and lights… A dark faerie costume is not only appropriate but sexy. I have one word for this concept: wings. Rave fashion stores generally have an awesome selection of wings but you can also make your own. For the clothing you could really go any direction: something long and ethereal or something skimpy like Tinker Bell.


halloween rave halloween costume ideas


Girly: Y2K Party Princess

If you love all pink, feather trim, soft gal style, then party princess is a no brainer. You can go more specific and pick one of the Disney princesses everyone knows and loves or you can go more nondescript. This costume is fun because it’s an opportunity for extreme femininity that the everyday doesn’t always provide. Turn up the dial on the accessories. Rhinestones, bright colors, fancy trims, and anything that draws the eye. You also have a fun chance to play around with wigs for those signature princess locks.

halloween rave halloween costume ideas


Cosmic: Psychedelic Space Cowgirl

If your idea of a great outfit is fabric that looks like a disco ball, then slap a cowboy hat on and you’re ready to go. Pair psychedelic pieces like holographic tops and bodysuits with cowboy aesthetics: fringe, wide brimmed hats, and cowboy boots. Imagine you in a hat, boots, and a flouncy little skirt: unbeatable. It’s specific, it’s fun, and you can pull from your current wardrobe easily. Plus those boots are in vogue right now!


halloween rave halloween costume ideas


Cozy & Cute: Animal Onesie

If you’re raving outdoors in a cold weather climate or you simply can’t be bothered to figure out a halloween costume, the rave onesie is calling your name. Not to mention all of the pockets you can take advantage of, you’ll be comfy enough to last all night. Just make sure to wear something underneath in case you get too hot from dancing.

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halloween rave halloween costume ideas


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