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Be Irresistible’s online course, His Secret Obsession, walks you through tips and techniques to seduce your crush, using classic concepts of archetype polarity, adapted for the modern world. 

Male-identifying folks are often socialized to place a lot of value in being a protector and provider, and some partners may seek to find connections where they can play this archetypal role and feel helpful and valuable to a partner. His Secret Obsession supports you to have a flirtatious edge using this socialized schema, illustrating specific examples and techniques to bring this archetypal polarity into dating.


his secret obsession online course


This at-your-own pace course is themed around the classic “hero archetype” juxtaposed to the role of the “temptress” – playing on these themes to support a partner in feeling needed, wanted, and helpful. Whether you’re in the early stages of dating, or want to uplift your partner’s confidence in a relationship, these communication tools can invite playfulness and flirtation into everyday conversations to tap into these archetypal themes.

The goal of the course is to teach techniques of seduction and mystery, heightening that bewitching sense of intrigue and creating a classic cat and mouse chase.


Make it Your Own

This course explores one of many methods to connect with a crush, and open a path for intrigue and playful, flirtatious connection. While it’s not intended for you to create an inauthentic personality, or to be anyone other than yourself – it can be a playful way to step into a flirtatious role with a “temptress” persona, mixed with your already strong self-confidence. 

It’s certainly not intended to encourage you to be anyone other than YOU, but instead offering playful practices to incorporate into your existing conversation style, and bolster your already wonderful self-love game with some phasing reframes that call on these classic archetypal concepts.


his secret obsession online course


His Secret Obsession is full of examples, scenarios, and sample messages you can use to understand the material and put the lessons into action! You can even sign up to receive text messages at no additional cost. Three times a week, you’ll get messages with more tips and insights. Use their example phrases word for word, or mold them to match your authentic voice. It’s a great resource for an additional perspective to give you more flirty ideas and mold the conversation to a temptress-style persona. 

Their blog content offers a peek at perspectives on relationships, connection, and communication, including advice on subtle flirtatious cues that often get over-looked, like the nuances of body language! Their blog also offers perspective on the significant role that breakups play in our personal growth – and our power to set boundaries, reconnect with ourselves, and later find partners who are more aligned.


Access it Anywhere


his secret obsession online course



There are so many ways to access the His Secret Obsession course! You can watch the lessons online and read along with the transcripts, or download the modules as an audio book to listen to wherever you are. You can even read a digital copy by downloading it as a PDF or ebook through Google Play Books. Choose whichever method works best for you! 

Watch a video sneak peek and learn more about what His Secret Obsession is all about, and explore how you can invite in more connection with their conversation reframes and archetypal perspectives!


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