Strap in babes, this one has a lot of moving parts! The Hismith App Controlled Sex Machine is a surprisingly simple mechanical device – capable of gifting SO much pleasure. Now, I’ve heard the term sex machine before, but I’ve never actually looked into them, let alone seen one in the flesh. This makes exploring the Hismith all the more exciting!

This is a very versatile pleasure device with a number of ways to control its erotic power and endless possibilities for positions. It’s also specifically designed to be safe to use at home, simple to set up and play with comfortably, and equipped to please with its own silicone toys, or a variety of attachments so you can easily use your own favorites! With this versatility, ease, and power – all for a price point you won’t find anywhere else for the high quality – the Hismith Sex Machine is top of its class.


Assembling the Hismith

Sex machines are one of the few pleasure devices that may require some assembly. You do need to put the Hismith Sex machine together yourself, but don’t worry if you don’t identify as particularly handy. I promise you, getting the Hismith set up won’t give you flashbacks to the struggle that is Ikea furniture.

Though it may look a little intimidating, it’s really just a few metal poles and a motor pack. Hismith provides all the pieces and a simple allen wrench to loosen and tighten the bolts. It doesn’t take too long to put the machine together, just 10-15 minutes when following along with the easy-to-read directions (complete with photos). To simplify the play by play, you’re just going to attach the legs to the base pieces, then fit the motor onto the legs, and finally secure the thrusting rod that will hold your dildo of choice. 



Once you have all the main parts put together, you can plug in the power pack and wired speed controller. Both go into ports on the back of the motor. The directions do note to make sure the speed controller is set at zero and in the off position before you plug it in so it doesn’t accidentally start-up and poke you before you’re ready! There are also a couple of warning stickers on the motor to remind you to watch your fingers since this has moving parts.

The sex machine and its parts are on the heavier side, all together it weighs about 25 pounds. This sounds a little cumbersome, but it actually speaks to the quality of the toy. The legs and base are made of solid metal, so you have a really strong connection that won’t shake or rattle during use. Also, a very sturdy machine that’s not going to jump around or fall apart when used at the highest speeds. The machine can easily and comfortably fit on the bed with you, and the adjustable arm can glide with ease into the perfect position for your pleasure.



How to Play with Hismith  

Once you’ve fully assembled your Hismith Sex Machine, the real fun can begin. It’s time to attach your dildo and explore the settings. Hismith has a few different adapters depending on the type of dildo you want to use. This model comes with an 8-inch dildo that is customized to fit on using their proprietary Kliclok connector. If your preferred sex toy has a suction cup or Vac-U-Lock base, you can purchase those adapters separately for about $40. You can even get a claw-like adaptor to hold any toy you love, regardless of the base style.

Either way, the adapters make it really easy to attach almost any dildo, you gently push the connector ends together till you hear a click, and then it’s all locked into place. I found this to be a really sturdy connection. The dildo definitely won’t be flying off. 



When your toy of choice is secured to the thrusting rod, you get to control the speed and depth of the thrusting motion. The length of the strokes can be set to anywhere from a teasing 1.2 inches to a more prominently thrusting 6 inches. To adjust the stroke, look to the motor pack, go to the cranking rod, and find the knob that is farthest from the front thrusting part of the machine. You need to loosen the knob up so that you’re able to slide it back and forth along the cut-out path that the knob is sitting in. Then, either push it back to produce a longer stroke OR pull it forward to make shorter strokes.

This part is really going to take some trial and error to find the spot that you like best, but that’s just an excuse to have even more fun giving it a go! You could easily turn this into a sexy game with a partner. You might find that you like shorter, shallow strokes (whether the toy is just at your entrance or fully inserted) or that you enjoy the full-experience sensation of a long stroke. Though, remember to use a lot of lube, especially if going for a longer stroke, as there will definitely be a bit more friction.



Powering the Sex Machine

The Hismith App Controlled Sex Machine is powered by a battery pack that you plug into a port on the back of the motor, then into your normal wall outlet. The highest speed gets up to 240 thrusts per minute! I don’t know how many thrusts a person can do in a minute, but I have a strong feeling it’s less than 240.

Even going that fast, the machine is pretty quiet, like a light hum. It is definitely not the loud, mechanical type of noise that you might expect from such a machine-style toy. It’s a really smooth motor, so there isn’t any kind of cranking noise to worry about. The entire machine feels very smooth, sleek, and well-oiled (so to speak) and worked seamlessly and effortlessly without worry.

There are a few different ways to control the speed of the machine. You have the wired controller which also gets plugged into the motor, this has a standard speed dial that you turn up and down to your liking. It also comes with a separate remote control. I feel like this is easier, especially when you’re mid-play. You can quickly press a button to adjust the speed at that key moment rather than trying to rotate the dial just the right amount. The remote also works from up to 20 meters away so a partner can be in control. 

In one of their most exciting features, this toy now allows a partner to control your sex machine from anywhere in the world! I’m sure you guessed it. It’s an app. The Hismith App really opens up the long-distance possibilities. Having this kind of thrusting power at your partner’s fingertips is a real upgrade. You could even hand the reins to another member of the Hismith community if you dare to explore. If you like the stranger factor, a really important feature is that you can set the speed limit before letting anyone else take control. This way, you aren’t surprised by an uncomfortable thrust. Just be sure to do this before your partner takes over.

The app has some additional features that you can also take advantage of during solo play. It comes with eight built-in thrusting patterns, if you like to change up the thrusting I recommend exploring these. You can also create your own personalized patterns and save them if the presets aren’t quite doing it for you. Within the app you can adjust the speed by swiping the screen in an upward or downward motion. Personally, I don’t feel like this provides any more control than turning the dial and still prefer to just tap a button on the remote. 



Play in Any Position

Everything about the Hismith sex machine is adjustable, including the height and the angle of your thrusting pleasure. With so much versatility, you can use the Hismith for nearly any kind of thrusting play. Since it’s a simple thrusting motion, it works great for vaginal and anal penetration. It offers a lot of range to be able to shift to almost any of your favorite positions. This part doesn’t require any tools, either; all of the moving can be done simply by releasing the clamps on either end of the motor, and sliding it up and down the legs.

The lowest it will go is about 3 inches and the tallest it gets is about a foot and a half up. This is perfect positioning whether laying down flat on the bed, propped up on pillows, or on hands and knees. You can angle it straight on, upwards, or downwards, however you feel most comfortable in your favorite position. The quick-release clamps mean you can have it in a new position, angle, or height in seconds. This really brings a lot of versatility to the machine.

While the machine is most stable when being used on the floor, it can definitely be used center-of-the-bed comfortably and easily. It’s sturdy enough that it doesn’t move around on its own, even when on the relatively softer surface. If you have a super soft bed, you may find it more difficult to balance the machine, but on a memory foam-style bed, it worked perfectly. You could also set it up near the edge of your bed or by a chair or couch, to explore different positions while still having a stable surface. Since it’s a good weight, it doesn’t slide or jump across the floor when it’s set on the higher speeds, but you could always brace the legs with something heavy for added stability. 


Storage and Care

Obviously the Hismith is is a bit bigger than your average sex toy, so it’s not going to be sitting in your bedside drawer. But Hismith thought of this already, and the machine comes with a nice storage bag for safekeeping. It’s a black nylon bag with styrofoam trays for all of the parts of the machine. You do need to disassemble the machine in order to utilize the bag. It’s still a hefty-sized bag, so it might not fit under your bed depending on the height. You may need to make some room in the closet, though well worth it!

This is a machine with cords and wires, so it’s not waterproof, and you have to be careful not to get the motor or battery, or speed controller wet. The best way to keep the machine itself clean is to gently wipe it down with a damp cloth. All of the dildos and attachments are detachable, though, so you can easily clean them with soap and water, toy cleaner, or via any other preferred method. 




The Hismith App Controlled Sex Machine is a versatile toy with lots of power. Everything about it can be adjusted, from the speed, the angle, the depth – and even whom you’d like to control it. The app-enabled features make long-distance connections even more exciting. The Hismith has a price tag at about $600, which makes it one of the most affordable high-quality sex machines on the market. The price isn’t out of the ordinary for this kind of product, and is still a bargain given the quality of the machine. Hismith also offers lots of variations and bundles among their machines that are definitely worth exploring, including an attachment that can hold your favorite toy, regardless of the base. This model is sturdy and really quiet, so if you’ve been considering a sex machine, I highly recommend the Hismith!


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