Ah, the vacation romance. We’ve all been there – once upon a tan when we’ve stumbled across a handsome stranger, judgement clouded by sticky heat and lunchtime margaritas, and embarked upon a vacation romance adventure. But will YOUR vacation romance go the distance? If you’re planning to hook up over summer holiday, or during any vacation occasion, keep the following in mind to ensure you have the best experience possible…

Your bae will be better.

Vacation romances happen when we are away from the pressure and pace of everyday life. EVERYONE is different on vacation. Attractive views, nice weather, cocktails, and long evenings change anyone’s normal behavior. They might be a perfect, handsome gentleman/lady between the sheets of a pool-side bungalow, but back at home, that bae may turn into the rude, disrespectful fuckboy we all abhor. That’s not to say every vacation cutie is a jerk, but they’ll definitely be better-than-usual with some strawberry daiquiris and bikini-clad girls around.

Keep it cool.

Without realizing, we often make ourselves more vulnerable. As romantic, mysterious, and appealing as a vacation romance may seem, it’s vital you remain realistic. It may be sweet to be told you are loved just days after meeting someone and sharing a handful of poolside chats together, but try not to be too drawn in. Attempting to avoid any emotional attachment will minimize your chances of being hurt by a sweet-talking lothario. You can fall in love anywhere in the world – that I don’t doubt – but keeping your guard up after meeting someone during a getaway is advisory.

What about long distance?

If you do find yourself a keeper, it’s rare that your new beau will be from anywhere near your hometown – and bear that in mind. Long distance relationships require a lot of work and are not something to be entered into lightly. I get it! It’s fun to meet someone abroad. There’s nothing quite like a hottie in swim shorts, skin warm from the sun and bodily hair bleached blonde.

Don’t feel pressured!

A quickie on the beach after you’ve snuck off with a bottle of rum may seem romantic (sand in personal places is far from it) but you can never be certain that you won’t wake up, knickers strewn on a nearby sunbed, dress rolled up to your waist and lover nowhere to be seen. Never feel pressured to hook up with anyone, and this is one rule that should never throw the window, even under “vacation circumstances”. It’s totally up to you – if you’re keen for a vacation hump (which I often am), then do so. If you feel pressured, don’t do it.

Keep it casual.

Just make sure, if you are partial to some vacation sausage or clam, that you are careful. If you are one who struggles to avoid emotional attachment, then put down your daiquiri, step away from the handsome stranger and retreat back to your room to read a book and plan the rest of your romance-free trip. Share your sunscreen, not your soul. And while I never say never, I would always think twice about accidentally-on-purpose missing your flight home for a person you’ve known for six days.