At first glance, the Kurve by Hot Octopuss is a sleek, smooth G-spot vibrator with a deep, beautifully rich burgundy color. As you explore the details of this dual-motor vibrator, it stands out from all the rest with unique features, powerful vibrations, and easy-to-access controls. Hot Octopuss is a sexual wellness brand that’s reinventing sex toys to bring you more powerful and more accessible pleasure. Kurve was designed for easy handling and maneuvering during play, to easily hit all the right spots with ease. Best of all, it includes Hot Octopuss’s Treble and Bass technology, a combo that delivers multi-level stimulation. Let’s dig into it

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The Look and Feel of the Kurve

I don’t have any evidence to show that Hot Octopuss picked this color just for me, but I really like to think they did. I love this gorgeous purple burgundy that the Kurve is rocking. I see a lot of hot pinks and various shades of blue or purple but this has a more intense richness. The handle has a gradient that fades into a near black shade. It gives it an added luxurious look, I think it’s stunning! The shape of the curve is about the same as what you’d find in other classic G-spot vibrators. It’s very smooth and even gentler compared to other toys that are also aiming to target your g-spot but maybe go a little too harsh so things are a bit off. The Kurve is about 7.5 inches long in total with an insertable length of about 5 inches. The diameter of the tip is 1.5 inches so a fairly standard size. This makes the Kurve very comfortable to ease onto during play.

A lot of vibrators have a consistent feel and density throughout. They’re made of silicone but they feel really solid and firm. With the Kurve you actually have two different textures. At the tip underneath the silicone is a super soft gel pad. The shaft is the standard firm that we all know but the bulbous tip has a delightfully squishy almost stress ball like texture. I think this part is brilliant. Not only is it just fun to touch and play with it but it’s also soft in an important area. Right where your G-spot is instead of getting a ridged jab you get a nice soft pressure. I know we say rock hard like it’s a good thing but sometimes you need a little give.

hot octopuss, kurve, vibrator

The one thing about the design that I don’t like as much is it’s not made of a solid piece of silicone. The important part, the shaft that’s actually going inside is 100% body-safe silicone, but the handle is hard plastic. So you get that seam line at the connection of the two pieces. Personally, I prefer a seamless look but that’s a simple cosmetic point that has no impact on the function of the toy. All in all, it’s a beautiful toy with a lovely figure.

The Inner Workings of the Kurve

As with most things in life, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. And the Kurve has a lot of good things going on underneath. Like I said the Kurve features Hot Octopuss’s Treble and Bass technology. Which is what they are calling their dual-motor system. In the shaft you have one motor that gives off deep rumbly vibrations, that’s your Bass. At the tip is a second motor that produces more surface-level high-frequency vibrations, that’s the Treble. In most sex toys you usually get one or the other and the higher-end toys tend to use a more rumbly motor. Here Hot Octopuss has decided to embrace this overlooked combination and I have to say it’s a success.

hot octopuss, kurve, vibrator

Across both the motors you have 5 different patterns as well as 5 speeds to play with. There’s the steady vibration mode, then a few varieties of fast and slow pulsing modes. Each motor can be operated independently, so you can choose to isolate your favorite setting or have them work together for a blended experience. The more rumbly style vibrations tend to feel deeper and more prominent, which a lot of people enjoy. The more surface-level vibrations are often categorized as buzzy and for sensitive folks could be a bit more irritating, but they are capable of faster, higher intensity vibrations. Hot Octopuss didn’t just decide to throw these two styles together for the heck of it; they did it in a pleasurably strategic way. With the rumbly Bass in the shaft, you get those deep penetrating vibrations and a fullness right where you crave it. With the Treble in the tip, you can target your G-spot with a motor that can push further to take you over the edge when you need it.

How to Play with the Kurve

First things first, get yourself all lubed up and comfortable. Remember to use a water-based lube, as this is a silicone toy. Part of Hot Octopuss’s efforts to make their toys more accessible is having these enlarged and raised buttons. It makes it much easier to feel out the button you need and adjust the settings while you play. If you’re handling the Kurve for yourself the Treble (tip) controls are the buttons on the right side and the Bass (base) controls are on the left side. If you forget which is which each side is labeled with a T and B that you can also feel out, though I might recommend making that a little more prominent in the next model.

hot octopuss, kurve, vibrator

To turn on either motor, hold down the respective (+) button for 2 seconds. Once on you can control the intensity of the vibrations with the (+) and (–) buttons. That’s all pretty standard and easy to follow. Things get a touch confusing with the other two buttons that look like raised circles, sitting underneath the (–) buttons. To change the pattern of the vibrations you tab the circle on the left, the Bass side. This controls the pattern for both motors so you can’t have 2 different patterns coming from each motor at the same time, maybe another thing to consider for the next model. If you press the circle on the right, the Treble side, for 2 seconds that shuts off the power to both motors at once. If your anything like myself you’ll accidentally turn it off just when you thought you had all the controls figured out! When you only want to turn off one of the motors you can hold down the respective (–) button for 2 seconds. If you’re playing with a partner they have the advantage of being able to see all the buttons and the labels!

After you have the toy inserted explore the speeds and patterns to find the most pleasurable setting for you. You can really feel the difference of the soft bulbous tip against the G-spot. It’s not harsh or pokey, it’s more of an even pleasant pleasure that matches the texture of this sensitive zone. You can use it for external play as well. Get creative, have fun with it! The Kurve is completely waterproof so absolutely feel free to enjoy it in the shower, tub, or pool. This also makes it very easy to clean; you can soak it with your favorite toy cleaner or submerge it in soap and water. It’s USB rechargeable, taking about 2 hours to fully charge, and giving you 2 hours of play in return.

hot octopuss, kurve, vibrator  

Follow the Kurve

The Kurve is a stunning sex toy disguised as a typical G-spot vibrator, with features designed to bring you even more pleasure at your fingertips – well beyond the norm. The dual-motor features take the experience to a higher level, and with the unique Treble and Bass feature, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds with two unique styles of vibrations. I really enjoyed the softer, squishable tip of the Kurve. It adds a different texture and I think it’s really effective for pleasuring the G-spot. I also love that Hot Octopuss takes the extra steps to make their toys more easily accessible to everyone, with an ergonomic and easily hand-held design. Simply enlarging buttons is a very simple design adjustment that can go a long way, more brands should incorporate features like this. I loved the Hot Octopuss Kurve, and would absolutely recommend it for your nightstand!


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