Femininity, sexuality, and empowerment – all words that can be used to describe women in the adult industry, and the reasons we admire them so much. Brett Rossi definitely embodies these things. A blonde beauty who’s made a name for herself in more than just the adult industry, Brett has had successful careers in modeling, media writing, mainstream acting, and porn. She’s stared in over 170 adult films, been nominated for awards on multiple occasions, and continues to clime the lades both onscreen and off!

We had the pleasure of getting a candid look at her journey to becoming a porn star, experiences along the way, and how she’s been able to use her success as a platform to bring attention to the stigma around sexual assault and sex workers.

 What inspired you to get into the adult industry?

I grew up a tomboy and was never the pretty girl in school. By the time I graduated, Playboy, Jenna Jameson, Jesse Jane, Digital Playground were really big and I just admired how glamorous and beautiful the girls looked all while still being sexy. I wanted to be glamorous and sexy too.

You are a woman of many traits, what does a typical work day look like for you?

It really depends if I’m shooting , on the road feature dancing, etc. Ideally, when I am not shooting or on the road dancing I’m doing a lot of maintenance on my body; gym, tan, hair, nails, etc. I also try to focus on scheduling my month out so I don’t get too stressed with my work load. I am typically booked a month to two months out for my shooting schedule and for my dance schedule I try to do a 6 month straight dance tour. When I’m truly enjoying a day “off” I spend a lot of time with my horses.

If you could only pick one, which would you say was your favorite scene to shoot?

I loved shooting “Brett Rossi Is Delicious” because I really felt like it was my “coming of age” story and I really got to express my sexual freedom in that movie all while having it still be artistic and well done with the class and glamour my brand carries.

What do you think is essential to a successful career in porn?

You have to have a plan or an objective of some kind. If you go into this business with no goals hen you end up getting lost in translation, especially the young girls. They go from a minimum wage job to making thousands of dollars a week is pretty intense and easy to get mixed up in things. So, I’ve always said you have to have a plan set up to make sure you stay on track and don’t get caught up in the life style of being a pornstar.

You’ve been very active in bringing to light the stigma around sex workers and sexual assault. What hardships for people in this industry face when dealing with this type of assault?

The number one hardship people in the adult industry face is that people are constantly questioning their validity of their claims in regards to sexual assault. Society has a way of confusing what one does for a living with their character or their moral compass. I feel like the first and easiest thing to do is try to point out a flaw in ones character before even getting to know the facts simply because we are in a taboo career sector.

What role does the media play in undermining their stories, and how do you hope to see this change?

The media has a way of only reporting on things that drive traffic or “click bait”. They have done such a wonderful job building and feeding the stereotype of an adult performer or sex worker that society already has a negative outlook toward us without even knowing our story. I wish and hope to see the media become more familiar with the people in the sex industry and teach society that just because you are a sex worker doesn’t mean that you aren’t human. The mainstream media has demonized and created non existent character flaws of victims in the sex industry simply because our job isn’t of their societal standards.

What major changes do you see happening in the adult industry in the next five years?

I hope we can reinvent a way for the adult industry to go back to making money like it used to. It has significantly changed over the last 10 years simply because of tube sites, the internet and the desire to download free porn.

Do you have any upcoming projects we can look forward to?

I just got back from my 6 month dance tour that was super intense. Right now I’m focusing on going back to my busy shoot schedule. I also am going to focus more on my comedy and my voice over work that I do on the side. You can check out my first anal scene for Tushy.com too. That’s new and exciting!