Do you have a partner that doesn’t want to bring toys into your relationship together and doesn’t show interest in them? Maybe your partner is a little too vanilla and when you bring up toys they say, “No way!”, and won’t really listen to your interest in them? There is a way to get toys into your bedroom without making your partner feel too uncomfortable …and they just might end up enjoying it! Bringing toys into your shared sex life can open up so many more doors for sexual play and new sexual stimulation.

Too many boyfriends have preconceived notions that using toys will make you feel like you no longer need them.  Others feel that their masculinity is threatened by the presence of vibrators or dildos. That’s definitely not the case, as toys can be very enjoyable for many people, some can just be a little scared to give them a try at first.


Your partner most likely thinks you want to bring toys into the bedroom for yourself because they don’t think they have an interest in toys yet. Communicate with your partner and tell your partner you want to bring them more satisfaction in the bedroom than you’re already bringing them. Make sure when talking to your partner about new toys that you explain the benefits for both of you. Most toys, even though they may be listed “for men” or “for women”, can be used for any gender, as there are many different tricks you can do with the toys to make them beneficial for both partners.

Start Small

Instead of jumping in and bringing home all the toys you can find, start out small and bring home a small bullet vibrator. These vibrators are small and not scary looking so you can show it to your partner without making them feel scared or worried that you’re going to like it more than them. The possibilities are almost limitless with a bullet vibrator! First, though, you have to let your partner discover if they actually enjoy the bullet vibrator too. When your going down on your partner, with their penis is in your mouth, turn the vibrator on and place the bullet on the outside of your cheek – this creates the sensation for your partner that your mouth is vibrating, and your partner will be able to feel the difference.

What else can you do with vibrating bullets?

  • While you’re giving your partner head, you can also press the vibrating bullet into your partner’s scrotum for extra stimulation or even at the base of the shaft to feel stimulation in the balls and the penis.
  • You can have your partner put the vibrating bullet on your nipples during foreplay to help turn you on even more than usual.
  • Have your partner place the vibrating bullet on your clitoris during foreplay, or even inside your vagina, while they perform oral sex.
  • If you’re on top during sex, leave it on your clitoris while you ride your partner for stimulation that’s sure to get you off so many times that you actually lose count on how many orgasms you’ve had!
  • Be sure not to use a bullet vibrator anally, unless it’s been designed for anal play and has a wide or flared base. Safety first!

Clearly, the possibilities are endless with a bullet vibrator. Enjoy exploring new realms of bedroom play and finding the many sensations you can create for you and your partner with this discreet yet powerful toy.

Bed Restraints and Blindfolds

Make it fun and sexy by getting some bed restraints and a blindfold. Bed restraints and blindfolds are fun because they create anticipation and sensory stimulation. They introduce domination and submission because your partner can pin you down to the bed and do “whatever they want to you” while your blindfolded so you can’t see what they’re about to do. If you first want to show your partner how it’s done, have bae get naked and strap them to your bed. You can you tease your partner with ice cubes, a feather tickler, your tongue, your bullet vibrator, or anything else! After you’ve teased your partner as long as you want, you can get on top of them and ride them until you’ve both climaxed.

Then, the next day, or even a few days later, you can text your partner and say, “Tonight, I want you to tie me to the bed and do whatever you want to me.” Your partner will remember everything you did for them when you tied them down and want to do everything to make you feel as good as you made them feel. When both of you play along, it makes the entire experience fun and sexy.

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Tell Your Partner What You Enjoy

Once your partner starts using toys on you in the bedroom, make sure you express your excitement and tell them how amazing they were with the toys. If you don’t show your partner that you enjoyed it, they may not be quick to use them on you again in the future. Your partner wants to be complimented when they do a good job and that includes when they use toys on you. Remind your partner how well it worked out the first two times and even if they’re still skeptical, they’re likely to play along and enjoy the climax.

Buying sex toys together is a great way to bond with your partner. There are countless sex toys out there waiting to be explored by you and your partner and there are unlimited possibilities when using them. Enjoy the fun and excitement of introducing sex toys into your bedroom and enjoy exploring the many new ways to have sex with your partner to make it even hotter!