How many times we had to cancel events and parties because of the pandemic? Remember how disappointing it was when your event got canceled after planning everything up to the last detail? Bachelorette and hens party are no exception to this postponement. If you are the party organizer, we can only imagine how stressful it has been – rearranging, rescheduling parties and suppliers, plus managing everyone’s expectations. With everything that is uncertain, it made party planning a more challenging task for everyone.

This year, as we try to resume normal gatherings and restrictions being lifted, we are given another chance yet to have our party-planning hats on and organize a safe and amazing party.

So, are you ready to give everyone a mood lift and boost the bride’s feelings? Read on for the future of hens party planning.


Creativity and flexibility have been the core of party ideas when COVID hits us. As days pass by, rules are more relaxed, and we are presented with different ideas for hens parties. Here are the new normal ways on how you can celebrate a bachelorette party.

A sexy virtual party

If you have guests from different countries and can’t travel yet because of restrictions, this is the perfect solution. Yes to a virtual party – with a twist! Plan a date and time when everyone is available for this party. Choose a platform like Zoom, Hangout, etc and create a link to share with all your guests. Have a mini-reunion and surprise the bride with a virtual strip show from a hired male dancer. Enjoy your not-so-usual and sexy virtual meeting!

Themed outdoor gathering 

If you want to organise a personal gathering and still wanted to keep it safe, an outdoor party is a way to go. Set the party in a garden or rent a place with a backyard to make this happen. Finding a COVID safe space might be a challenge but it will be worth it when you get together with friends and family. Make sure to follow the restrictions set by the events place so everyone can go without worrying and can enjoy the party. Don’t forget to put decor in the place depending on your chosen theme – Coachella, bubbles & balloon, anything pink, and more.

Intimate dinner party

Organise an intimate party with a few friends and the hen’s loved in a dinner to remember. If you have a budget for it, rent a place where your guests can have dinner at a place only for yourselves. Have some games and you can be as loud as you wanted. Order some fancy food, wine, and plan the menu well to surprise everyone. And if you are feeling extra and you want all your food to be washed down with a drink or two, hire a topless waiter that can mix and serve drinks for all your guests. Intimate but fancy!

Socially-distanced hens activity

If your bride is the type of woman who wants some activity for her last hurrah – then this hens idea is perfect for you! Normal times before COVID, your list of games and activities may surge through the roof. Then, everything changed when the pandemic happened which means you will have to be careful with games and activities and make sure theta re still safe to go ahead. One safe activity that is popular for bachelorette parties post-COVID is nude class painting. You invite guests and have them seated at a safe distance with each other facing a nude model and get your creative side going.

The painting closest to the model can have a bag of goodies to remember that one hell of a night.

It’s 2021 and we had an unprecedented year. Life’s uncertainty should not be your excuse to plan and celebrate your bride’s milestone. This is a great year still to let the hen enjoy her last night as a single woman in a safe but amazing event planned with lots of love and creativity.

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