Our Member’s Only Illuminaughty section is live! If you haven’t checked it out already… well, what are you waiting for?

We built our Illuminaughty Section to be totally interactive, giving our members a space to express themselves and connect with others who share their experiences.

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The Slut Wall

On the Slut Wall, use 144 characters to share your own #sluttygirlproblems with the world. It’s the perfect place to say all the things you can’t quite say on Twitter… to people who will truly understand where you’re coming from


In Slut-Fessions, you can anonymously share your stories and personal experiences, without anything being linked to your username or identity. Perfect for when you need to share or get something off your chest, but don’t want your name linked to it. All the comments are anonymous, too!


In Slut-Lutions, ask our community a question – and hear our members’ responses in the comments! It’s perfect for all your pressing questions and dillemmas, whether it’s what to say to your crush, or how to deal with a serious issue. You can also see others’ questions, and share your own thoughts to help them out.

Our Member Feed show the newest posts from all these sections. Your posts won’t show up right away, just to prevent spammers. But as soon as we see it, it’ll be posted to the site!


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