Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo instead.

The IMTOY Piu Male Masturbator takes male masturbation to another level. This one of a kind, dare I say, groundbreaking male vibrator changes the way your guy masturbates, whether he’s solo or with you. The Piu can sync with your smartphone device, and vibrate during your selected porn video. It brings a totally different sensation to solo or mutual masturbation, rather than just stroking your pole or using a sleeve. You can now enjoy vibrations, too! This toy is really only meant for guys on the smaller side, and the porn selection it comes with leaves much to be desired… but if you’re on the smaller side, have the cash to spend, and really want to try something new, it might be the right toy for you.

Hearts: 3 Hearts (as the features are great, but my partner couldn’t fully fit inside the toy)
Devils: 3 Devils
Stars: 4 Stars (as it’s well-constructed but too small)
Cars: 4 Cars
Bees: 3 Bees

The Design

Fair warning, this product is not for those who are well endowed, have long penises, or have a girth larger than a 1.5 inches around (as the width is about 2 inches at the mouth, and gets smaller as you go deeper). Plus, there’s a bump at the bottom of the cavity, meant for extra stimulation, but makes the area less large. Although the toy is fairly long (7 inches), the Piu only allows for about 3.5 inches length to be inserted into the toy. The entire toy is smooth and hard to the touch, rather than soft and plush like typical masturbators, which may not be the preferred sensation for some users. It also leaves little room to expand once your penis is inserted. My partner (who is well endowed) couldn’t even insert his full tip in. Average penises with a smaller girth could likely fit more of their penis in, but still have difficultly fully inserting because of the length. All photos in the instruction manual shows the penis fully inserted in this product — which wouldn’t be possible for the average US penis. Then again, dicks do come in different shapes and sizes! If your partner is on the smaller side, or doesn’t mind just the first half of their penis being stimulated, then this is definitely the toy for them. If you’re on the smaller side and want some extra pressure, you can squeeze the shell to give you a more firm feeling.

Manual Vibes

The Manual Controlled Vibration Mode allows you to control all of the vibes without having your device synced to a video or a smartphone. This is just for casual, everyday, standard use. Just add your desired amount of lube into the Piu, press the power button, insert penis, then adjust the vibration using the left and right arrows at the tip of the device. Constant vibration that can be increased and decreased for your pleasure. There are no distinct patterns that we noticed – just increases and decreases in intensity, and sometimes pulsing between the various motors. We also found that the buttons were a little difficult to press, so make sure your partner has strong hands and a good grip so he doesn’t lose out on the sensation he craves in the moment. There are three vibrating motors throughout the toy – at the front, middle, and back. The vibrations ranged from very light and buzzy to more deep and rumbly, but still on the lighter size. It’s definitely a unique sensation for a guy who’s never experienced that before, but if he’s used to vibrating toys and craves power, it might not be for him.

Smart Device Sync

The Smart Device Interactive Mode is SO cool. My guy watches his porn on his iPad, with headphones plugged in so his house-mate doesn’t have to listen to the performer’s moans and such. So, this product would’ve been perfect for him and his preferences, if it fit. Anyway, to use the toy with your smartphone (or other device), first you have to download the IMTOY app. Using your Smart device’s Bluetooth, you sync you Smart device to your turned on Piu. The Piu app comes with pre-selected videos that your Piu will automatically begin to sync and interact with once downloaded (which takes about 10 minutes). (At the moment, you can not use the Piu with just any video on the web – it has to be the videos through their app). Throughout the video you’re able to adjust the intensity of the vibrations to your preference by just sliding up and down on your screen. Sit back, relax and enjoy the vibes. It’s basically like porn with vibrations included.

We did find, though, that the app itself was a little difficult to navigate. You have to scroll through lots of videos in a random order – so you can’t filter based on keywords, categories, or search for what you like. The majority of the clips are also heterosexual scenes with Asian actors and actresses, so if that’s not you’re thing, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, most of the genitals are pixelated. The video descriptions are also not written in English, but are in characters, so you don’t really know what the scene is about until you watch. You also get $10 worth of free video purchases initially (about 2-4 videos depending on the price). Then, the clips cost money.

Pros & Cons


  • Various motors and settings
  • Syncs with pre-selected videos
  • Waterproof (can use in shower and bath)
  • Rechargeable
  • One year warranty


  • Not for every shape and size, just smaller sizes
  • Video syncing and app doesn’t work as expected


I really wish this product would’ve fit my partner, because I think the technology and concept are both amazing. The Piu would allow you to enjoy your porno without having to put in work – just glide your finger to increase or decrease the vibes – or if you’re in the mood to just use the Piu without watching porn, you can adjust the vibes for your manual pleasure. No stroking needed, only if preferred!

But, it just wasn’t the right toy for us. I would not recommend this product to anyone who has substantial girth and/or is well endowed (for this product that means 4+ inches) unless you don’t mind letting your tip and first inch or two of your shaft getting all of the action. We would have also preferred more variety of free clips, with a more easy to navigate interface. But, if that type of porn is your jam, and you’re on the smaller size and want to switch up your game from strokes to vibrations, the Piu might work for you.

This product is no longer available. We recommend the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo instead.


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