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Passionate about advancing sexual health technology and creating high-quality pleasure products, IMTOY is a brand to adore. And their first line of smart vibrators, Zoo, offers luxurious toys meant to awaken users’ wild sides with endless possibilities for play. Appealing with more than just its looks, I was excited when the chance to try the Rhino arose. This flawless rabbit vibe has a range of well-felt vibration patterns that are amplified when synced to the line’s unique application.

Name: Rhino
Type: Rabbit Vibrator

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 1.5 Bees

First Impression

All exaggerations aside, I think I uttered “oh my gosh!” at least five times just while opening the Rhino’s outer packaging. Presented as a gift, there were multiple, fun-detailed layers that eventually lead to the toy itself, starting with a beautiful, blush pink bag. Inside was a sturdy box with a pull-out tray holding the vibrator, an identically color-coordinated charging cord and a User’s Guide. As a bonus, IMTOY included three magnets, ones of a Rhino, Gazelle and Giraffe, each representing a toy in the Zoo line.

With such thoughtful packaging, I had very high expectations for this vibe. And these weren’t only met, but exceeded. The soft silicone body of the Rhino is a gorgeous Champagne pink color, with a deep, rose gold ABS portion at the bottom. At 8” long, with a little over half of that being insertable, this rabbit vibrator is the perfect length. Although it’s girthy shaft may be a bit much for first-timers. Both the shaft and clitoral attachment, or “horn,” feature curved, bulbous tips for maximum reach and pleasure, and are controlled by separate motors.

Getting Started

Before getting to enjoy the Rhino, you’ll need to let it charge for a few hours. To do so, plug the USB portion into a wall block or other device, then line up the magnetic poles on the charging cable and those on the bottom of the toy. An illuminated IMTOY brand symbol indicates charging is in effect.

Next, you’ll want to download the exclusive Zoo application, which is compatible with most IOS and Android devices. I had a little trouble downloading it by scanning the QR code found on the box, so I’d recommend saving yourself time by just searching “IMTOY Zoo” in your phone or tablet’s app store. After the download is complete, you’ll need to turn on your Bluetooth so the device is able to find your vibrator. Now, open the app, and turn on your Rhino by holding down the control button for about three seconds. In the top right corner of the app, a link icon should signify your devices are synced up. The only other thing to do is get your hands on a good water-based lubricant and you’re ready for playtime.

Vibrations for All

With the Rhino, you’re in complete control of the vibrations and intensities you experience, and there are a lot to choose from:

  1. Steady
  2. Quicker, steady vibe
  3. Slow, steady rise and fall
  4. Quick pulsations
  5. Rabbit quick pulsations, with small pause
  6. Escalations and de-escalations in intensity
  7. Longer pulsations
  8. Medium length pulsations with pauses
  9. Roller coaster like pulsations
  10. Randomized pulsations varying in length and intensity
  11. Quicker randomized pulsations with varying lengths and intensities
  12. Revving up and down
  13. Revving of various pulsations
  14. Short, quick un-uniformed pulses
  15. Longer, but quick, pulses
  16. Quickly decreasing steady vibe

Whether light or overtly powerful, each of the patterns could be felt gloriously deep! The shaft fit well with my body, hitting my G-spot just perfect while the “horn” leaned gently against my clit sending nothing but sensation through it.

Once synced, my phone served are a powerful remote for the Rhino, offering access to more features. There is a bomb button for experiencing randomly mixed vibration patterns, a rocket icon for inducing orgasms quickly, and ways to create customizable frequencies using your voice, drawings, shaking of the phone, and even interactive coupling with music and videos. Using the Rhino and app together, I felt like my imagination was truly able to run blissfully free. But remember, you can absolutely use the Rhino without the app by manually cycling through patterns using the toy’s button.

Cleaning & Care

Like other silicone toys, the Rhino is quick and easy to clean and care for. After each use, be sure to wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap. You can also wipe it down with a non-silicone sex toy cleaner. Let it dry before storing away in an individual box or bag. I’ve been keeping mines in the original box it came in (because I’m absolutely in love with the detailing of it), and it’s working great. But if you want something that’ll take up less space, a satin-like bag will do the trick.

Pros & Cons


  • Dual-motored
  • Curved for maximum G-spot reach
  • Made of soft, non-drag silicone
  • Range of well-felt patterns and intensities
  • Exclusive app for a more customizable experience
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof


  • None!



If you like deep, rumbly vibrations, this toy is for you. If you like light sensations, this toy is for you. Simply put, the Rhino is for anyone who enjoys exhilarating stimulation and pleasure! This beautiful, soft to the touch, dual-motored rabbit vibrator exuberates quality and attention to detail. And as if having over ten unique vibration setting wasn’t enough, an easy-to-use, compatible app allows for even more creative ways to use the Rhino for unmatched solo sex.

Get it at IMTOY for $89!



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