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Regular kegel exercising is great for women hoping to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, leading to better sexual experiences and overall health. The market is filled with an array of kegel balls, but not all of them offer a beautiful design, moderate vibrations, and an app with guided exercise courses, like IMTOY’s Candy.

IMTOY, a relatively new company that was founded in 2012, has an eye for innovation, combining sleek designs with advanced technologies. Their Candy is designed to assist women in training pelvic floor muscles W.hie the actual ball and idea behind the app are great, there are a few improvements that could be made.  

Name: Candy
Type: Kegel Ball

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibrations:  3 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Materials: Silicone

Design and Material

Packaged in a basic white box, covered by a sleeve that notes key features of the product, the Candy comes well protected. It’s housed in a medium-sized cylinder made of metal, high density plastic, and UV glass, that also serves as a sterilizing and charging unit.

Made of body-safe, medical grade silicone, the actual ball is relatively small, measuring about 8 cm around and feeling almost weightless when held. It has a beautiful blush pink color, and a smooth, velvety soft texture. In the center, marked by the power symbol, is a button for turning the device on and off, and at the top is a stretchy loop attachment that makes for easy removal.

Getting Started

I was excited to try the Candy, but ran into a few obstacles. When I found the instructions sheet, which is hidden beneath the platform under the storage case, I realized it was completely in Chinese. Luckily, IMTOY makes an English manual easily accessible online.

Before I could use the Candy, it needed to be charged for 4 hours. In the same compartment as the instructions sheet is a white USB cord that can be used with the USB blocks used for charging phones. To charge, keep the Candy in it’s original position, resting on the magnetic dock which offers wireless charging. Then put the lid in place, twisting it to the right until it locks, and fully plug in the USB cord. Press the illuminated power symbol so that it’s slowly blinking. 

The App

Next was downloading and setting up the app. In order to download the app, I had to access the online manual on my phone, as that’s where I planned on using it. The only requirements are that the device has Bluetooth and is running off IOS 7 or Android 4.3, or later. After clicking the link in the manual which took me to a screen on the IMTOY site, I chose the option for ‘Candy,’ and the app automatically started uploading. Once complete, it guided me through setting up an account and inputting personal information that is supposed to help measure progress. Easy, right?! Not so much.

Here is where the next few hassles began. Everything was fine until it came to putting in my height and weight, as both are measured in kilograms. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the conversion from inches and pounds so I closed out of it to look it up. When I reopened the app, it was on the ‘Start’ screen, and there was no way for me to go and put that information in – It was as if that whole section didn’t exist. I had to delete and redownloaded the app, using a different email address. I put in all my user information, but couldn’t find a way to confirm or save it. It was after completely closing out of the app and then relaunching it that I was able to move onto the next step of syncing my Candy to the app, which I did with no issues.    


The app offers a nice amount of kegel training classes that are uploaded to the device when it’s connected. It guided me through a few beginner courses that consisted of exercising while stationary to advanced ones that included tightening my pelvic floor muscles while walking, squatting, or climbing stairs. I had to complete three sets at each level before moving to the next, with at least one set having a steady, low vibe during tightening. The main differences in courses are the full length, ranging from four to ten minutes, and changing duration of tightening and relaxation breaks. And I really love how after each set, the app lets you know how many calories you burned and gives you an option to set a reminder for your next personal training session.

I only have two complaints. One, I wish IMTOY had considered people wanting to complete more than one class in a sitting, as I found it frustrating to have to remove the ball in-between each in order for the app to read my information. Also, the internal battery didn’t seem to hold the charge very long. I’d use the Candy for 20 (or less) minutes, turn it off, and come back to 0% power when I was ready for my next training. Other than that, my experience using this kegel ball was great. After completing training courses, my pelvic muscles felt as though they had done a light workout (which they had) without any extra pain or discomfort.  


The Candy should be cleaned between uses by wiping it down with a damp cloth and lightly patting it dry. Afterwards, it can be conveniently sterilized using the UV glass platform on the bottom of the storage case. Simply place the ball on the magnet center, cover with the lid, and follow the same steps as you would for charging- though this time the power symbol will blink quickly. The sterilization process only takes about forty-five minutes.

Pros & Cons


  • Small, smooth design
  • App with guided kegel exercises
  • Great for all levels
  • Waterproof
  • Easy storage and sterilization


  • Battery charge doesn’t last long
  • Small glitches with app


From the beautiful, smart design of this ball to the storage case that triples as a charger and sterilizing center to its exclusive app, IMTOY’s Candy is definitely at the forefront of innovation. Getting past the initial setup, I love how well the app works for connecting exercises to the device, tracking progress, and allowing me to use other unique features. The training courses are easy to follow and great for strengthening the pelvic floor. I’d recommend this product to any woman, with a good level of patience, looking to take their kegel exercises to the next level.

Get the Candy at IMTOY for $169.



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