Update: Slutty Girl Problems was deactivated on Thursday February 28, and reinstated later that night after a fight. Yet, we did not have the ability to post. 9 days later, they deactivated the account again with no information. The account was later reactivated, but still does not have the ability to post.


This morning, we found out that our Instagram account @SluttyGrlProbs was deleted by Instagram, without any warning.

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This is one of many attacks on sex educators, bloggers, and activists that dare to talk about sexuality on the platform. In the wake of SESTA/FOSTA legislation, platforms including Tumblr and Craigslist have completely removed adult content from their platforms, and Facebook and Instagram have censored speech around sexuality, including non-graphic educational language around sex.

While sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, and other derogatory, offensive content is allowed to proliferate on the platform – empowering, feminist, sex-positive content is methodically shut down.
While barely-censored pornographic content that caters to the male gaze is featured throughout the platform, memes, art, and educational content that advocates for women’s pleasure is being banned.
This selective censorship is blatant sexism that perpetuates shame and stigma around women’s sexuality, as well as the double standard that allows misogynistic content and “humor” to be featured in public feeds.

Slutty Girl Problems has dedicated itself to a sex-positive, feminist, educational content that reclaims the word “slut” to take it’s power away as a negative term, and reduce the stigma and shame around sexuality.

Yet in an increasingly sex-negative internet age, the free speech around sexuality we once took for granted is being censored as we find ourselves with fewer platforms to express ourselves.

This act of censorship around sex education and sex positivity most hurts communities who are already marginalized. While the “standard narrative” of heteronormative, puritanical sexuality continues to persist online, it becomes harder to find content about LGBTQ sexualities, kink safety and awareness, sex industry safety and community, and empowered sex education.

It also makes sex education less accessible to younger generations, who are increasingly turning to social media to find valuable information.

Instagram has been a powerful place for us to share our voice and provide resources around topics including overcoming domestic violence and getting out of abusive relationships, having open conversations with your partner, and building yourself up with self-love and self-worth so you can be the most radiant, empowered and confident version of yourself.

In stories, I have talked about my personal experiences with sexual trauma, abuse, intimate partner violence, mental health, and other issues that affect women daily. We get hundreds of DMs a week thanking us for helping women get out of abusive relationships, get the shame-free support they need around assault, and answer questions they are too embarrassed to ask elsewhere. 

Our most important goal is helping women to live more empowered, healthy, happy lives that are free from shame, guilt, and stigma. 

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Tag @Lorraejo and I will share you. 

Every voice helps, and I am so deeply grateful your support.

Then, read more in The Internet War on Sex is Here and How Sex Censorship Killed the Internet We Love – and get involved with the Free Speech Coalition, which is working to stop the censorship caused by SESTA/FOSTA.

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