Note: This item is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney Desire instead.

Intimo is back with a dual motor, rabbit style vibrator with a super unique shape that’s designed to please. The Ladi is ergonomic, made of silicone, and has 6 vibration modes that intensify at 5 strengths to bring users to orgasm with just the touch of a few buttons. The unique design intrigued me, but the variety of vibrations and settings stand out for this unique toy.

First Glance

The Ladi is a rabbit-style vibrator has a curved, bulbous tipped, insertable dildo that is great for hitting the g-spot. At the base spans out the clitoral attachment, with is another bulb with butterfly style wings on each side. To feel the clitoral portion, the toy must be almost completely inside you. Once inserted, the butterfly wings on each side give a tickling, buzzing sensation throughout your labia for extra stimulation.

The silicone material gives the entire toy a smooth feel, with a slightly flexible with a squishy tip. This particular material has some drag, so it’s best when paired with a water-based lubricant. Along the bottom, the toy turns into ABS plastic and contains three small control buttons, and a protected charging port. The toy is easy to hold and control at the base, and the design of the toy also makes it waterproof for easy cleaning and play in the shower or bath.

Variety of Vibrations

To turn on the toy, simply hold down the power button for about two seconds. The same button controls the vibration settings for both motors of the toy. The settings are:

  1. Steady vibration
  2. Escalating vibration
  3. Pulsating vibes
  4. Two quick pulsations followed by a steady vibe
  5. Escalating and de-escalating vibration
  6. Alternating quick pulses, longer pulsations, and steady vibes

The wavy button cycles the toy through 5 different strength intensities, which range from a light, tickling vibration to a stronger, buzzy vibrating sensation. The vibrator starts out at the middle intensity “3”, and cycles through high then low, like 3-4-5-1-2-3. This is a different experience than most vibrators, which start at the lowest than move to the highest – so if you like more warm up with your toy, you might want to set it to the “1” setting before moving up to the more powerful settings. The vibrations aren’t the strongest on the market, but it’s a great starter toy for someone exploring new sensations and different settings.

Bluetooth App

Beyond the variety of built-in patterns, Intimo gives you the chance to experience even more sensations with their app. It can be downloaded by scanning the QR code in the user pamphlet – and is compatible with IOS and Android. Once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to create an account which takes just a few seconds.

The app offers almost tons of new pattern combinations – including some that are premade, and a space to create your own. You can schedule a ‘bomb’ to make the toy shake after a specified period of time, select the ‘orgasm’ feature for more intense shaking, make it vibrate in sync with music or a video, or use the motion of your phone to control the speed. This app is a really unique feature for an already incredibly cool toy!

Cleaning & Care

Because the Ladi is waterproof, cleaning and caring for the toy is very easy. After each use, thoroughly wipe down the shaft and wheel with antibacterial soap and warm water, or a water-based toy cleaner. Let it air dry before storing it. As with all other silicone toys, it’s recommended you do so in an individual bag or area – Intimo includes a satiny, black drawstring pouch that works perfectly!

After about an hour of play, it will be time to recharge. Push the DC charger into the small hole at the bottom front of the vibrator. Next, attach to a wall block or USB port. A LED light indicates charging, and will cut off once done. It takes about three hours for this toy to reach a full charge, which is pretty long in comparison to the amount of playtime you get from that… so make sure to keep recharging if you want to use this toy regularly.


The Ladi is a great toy to start exploring different sensations and vibration settings, without the power of more expensive products. Its slim, ergonomic design makes it great for beginners, and the variety of vibration settings is really exciting. Plus, the app gives you even more control over your experience, which is a really cool perk!

This item is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney Desire instead.


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