I recently heard about iPassion, the sexy quiz game for couples, I thought it would be a really fun way to connect with my partner and learn something new about their sexual preferences (and share some of my own!) But I didn’t expect the game to be nearly as fun as it was. My partner and I loved answering the questions throughout the game, guessing each others answers, and sharing surprise that there were new things both of us wanted to try!



In iPassion, partners get to play against each other and see who knows the other person the best. Whether you’re talking turn-ons, turn-offs, or fantasies, you answer questions about your preferences and your partner guesses your answers. Then, you switch! The winner gets to pick their prize after the round. Whether you want to learn something sensual and new about your partner, explore your fantasies and desires, or simply open up some lines of sexy communication… iPassion is a fun, easy, discreet way to find out what each of you wants and have some intimate convos without any awkwardness or taboos.




How it Works

Once you download the app, you can connect with your partner via email or Facebook. If you connect via Facebook, it automatically detects your gender preference. You can only have one partner at a time. Once your partner accepts your invitation, you’re connected, and can start playing right way!




Once you’re connected, you and your partner take turns answering questions about each others preferences, likes, and dislikes. So, for instance, you will answer two questions about yourself. Then your partner will guess your answer for each of the two questions. Then, you’ll switch places – your partner will answer about themselves, and you’ll guess their answers.



The questions could be something as innocent as “What kind of perfume do you like me to wear?” or something as risqué as “What’s my fantasy role play scenario?” or “What type of kinky prop would you like to try?” Once you answer, you get see how the other answered – opening the doors for some hot communication and new ideas! The more questions you get correct, the more points you get (1o points per correct answer). Once you hit 100, you win! The winner gets to select a “hot prize” that their partner has to perform, like an oily massage, a night out at a romantic hotel, or something else you customize.



You don’t always have to play in real-time. If you turn on notifications, you can see when your partner answers and vice versa, so you can log on anytime when you’re free and start playing, even if your partner is busy. But, there’s only two questions at a time… so if you want to keep things steamy and fresh, it’s best to play live! You can also chat throughout the game to comment on each others answers, swap sexy ideas, and note what you’d like to try. If your partner is taking a while, you can “nudge” them once per turn to send them a notification reminder (if they have notifications turned on).



Our Experience

My partner and I had a lot of fun playing iPassion. Most of our guesses were pretty spot on for each other, so it was refreshing to see that we knew each other so well. But, some of our answers surprised each other, and it was exciting to see how we differed! For instance, my partner said his biggest turn-off was nail biting… I bite my nails pretty often, and had no idea! Luckily, his turn-off wasn’t “hairy legs” (one of the other options), because he would’ve been out of luck. I don’t shave those babes on the regs, and have no plans to start now.



Some of the questions were incredibly easy (he knows how I like his face shaven vs bearded, I know that he HATES food in the bed) – but others were a lot trickier. Does my partner “love” or “like” massages? … I had no idea, because he rarely asks for them. Also, my boyfriend thought he doesn’t flirt with me enough I think he’s doing just fine!




A few of the questions were things we had never even thought of talking about before, like if we want to try sensation lubes (I don’t, but he did), how much he likes “suction” during a blowjob (I thought he’d like it, turns out he LOVES it), how much we like dirty talk (he’s cool with it, and I’d love more of it!), or going down on each other while watching porn (both of us would be into it!). So, we definitely learned some new things we could incorporate into our sex lives or do more of.



Since you swing back and forth between answering questions and guessing what your partner said, it can get a little confusing. A few times, I answered a question thinking it was about “myself” when I was really supposed to be guessing my partner’s answer. So, I’d recommend playing this game when you’re able to pay a bit of attention to the questions (not when you’re three glasses of wine deep and watching Netflix) so you can keep track of what it’s asking. It helps to keep in mind after the first round, you’re always going to be guessing what your partner answered first, then answering the questions about yourself second. Then again, it doesn’t really matter who wins anyway… when it comes to a sexy game like this, everyone wins, regardless of who’s up in the numbers!




iPassion is a really fun way to increase intimacy and communication with your partner, especially around attraction, desire, and fantasies. You can easily learn about each others preferences quickly and with a fun twist, without any pressure of awkward conversations. It’s a great conversation starter whether you just started dating or are in an LTR. It would be especially amazing for couples who have difficulty talking about sex normally, and want an ice breaker to help open the door to deeper communication and explore new fantasies that you may have trouble talking about otherwise. My partner and I talk about sex nearly constantly, so we already knew a lot of each others preferences (though there were some surprises). Regardless of how well you know each other, you’ll definitely learn a few new things with iPassion!

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