Having dabbled in oral gels before, I thought that trying the JO Oral Delight Arousal Gels would make for a very yummy and erotic night with my partner. However, after trying both gels, the end results were very numb – lips, tongues and genital areas lost their sensation rather than gained it! Thus, a night of passion turned into losing my libido for the night (which never ever happens!) and my partner’s hard on long gone as a result from the gels.

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend Blossom Organics Arousal Gel instead.


The JO Oral Delight Arousal Gels that I had received was in peppermint and cherry. The arousal gels also come in vanilla and strawberry. These oral gels are a water-based flavored stimulant that promises fun for both the giving and receiving participants.  The packaging was very nice and subtle enough to even carry it around in any carryon item. The gels come in 1 fl.oz. (30 mL) which is just enough to last the full 12 months that the product says is good until.

The directions on the package recommended 1-2 pumps of the gel to the genital area. (Holy macaroni! You will not even need one full pump!) Just one pump of this gel makes for a lot of gel that sloshes onto your partners’ genitals. It is so runny that I had to pump and slurp and immediately start my BJ.

Other main features of the gels are that its paraben and L-arginine free as well as having plant source Glycerin. It also states that the gel is sweetened for taste and has a long-lasting cooling/tingling sensation. Which yes, the gel truly does promise and executes a very super-duper long lasting numbing -not cooling, mind you- sensation.

In Use

I had 2 bottles (cherry and peppermint) and a very willing partner to try them with. Although after this catastrophe I hope it hasn’t dimmed his eagerness in the future.

I went first, with my peppermint gel in hand and warmed up from a little foreplay, I had followed the instruction of the bottle and pumped about 2 squirts of the gel. As I said before, the gel was so slippery and runny that I sort of lost the first pump on the bed sheet somewhere, so the second pump I had to cup it into my hand along my partner’s shaft and immediately start my very short-lived BJ. As I started my BJ I started to feel my lips go numb and the peppermint was so strong that I felt as if I had brushed my teeth at least three times in a row. A couple minutes later, my entire mouth had went numb and I couldn’t even feel where my tongue was. At this point, my partner had said that the cooling sensation had taken a turn for the worst and that it made his whole area super numb that he couldn’t even feel what I was doing down there. We had to stop because he had lost his interest and I couldn’t feel my face from mouth down.

When it came to my turn as the receiver, I had doubted that the gels couldn’t have made my partner’s genitals that numb. So I laid down and let my partner have at it. The experience was pretty much the same, after a couple minutes of him going down on me I had lost all feeling of nerve endings from my labia lips to even my clitoris. I knew that these gels were too strong-to say the least- because I’m usually super sensitive when my partner goes down and when he went down with the gel, I absolutely felt nothing, just a super cold numb feeling.

In the end, we ended up washing up and binge-watching Justice League instead of having a night of passion. Oh well, you win some and lose some.

Pros & Cons


  • Water-based
  • Nice and clean packaging
  • Non-sticky
  • Tasted like what the bottle said it would taste. (i.e. peppermint and Cherry)


  • Recommended pumps is way too much.
  • That tingling sensation is not nice, it numbs you like at the dentist office.
  • Gel is too slippery!
  • The Menthol is a lot with the Peppermint extract mixed in.


It made for an interesting story that both me and my partner can laugh about in the future. I like how the bottle size wasn’t too big and it was discreet enough to take anywhere besides the basic bedroom. The JO Oral Delight Arousal Gels didn’t live up to the hype that it seemed to promise. Instead of sparks and making both giving and receiving fun, it in turn numbed our most sensitive parts and had made giving and receiving feel like a trip to the dentist office… and no one likes the dentist

This product is no longer available, and we prefer Blossom Organics Arousal Gel instead.


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