I chose to review the Jo Organic NaturaLove lube because I’m always looking for a good water-based lubricant that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like glycerine or propylene glycol. Plus, I’m the target market for anything marketed as ‘natural’ or ‘organic.’ Solar-powered garden lamps? I don’t even have a pot plant, but I’m down. Cruelty-free BDSM gear? Whelp, that’s me. Organic lube? Clearly, this is something I need.

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Vanilla Scent & Sweetness

When I opened the sachet of lube, the scent of cookie dough was what hit me first. I squeezed a little amber-colored gel onto my fingers and sniffed. Yep, definitely vanilla overtones. I freaking love vanilla. The lube smelled almost good enough to … yeah, it’s definitely delicious. It actually has an almost caramelized vanilla-extract taste that only intensified my cookie dough first impression. It’s sweet in a way that was unfamiliar to me, and I wasn’t quite sure where the taste came from until I checked out the ingredients.

It turns out that the sweetness comes from agave extract, as well as an unnamed (but apparently organic) flavor/aroma enhancer. I think the chamomile extract might also have something to do with the scent, but I don’t really care. I just want a really giant tub of this to eat with a spoon. Unfortunately, this was not to be, and I had to use it as lube instead. OH NO.

Watery Texture

As I mentioned, this lube is an interesting warm, orangey color that I haven’t seen with other products before. No colorants are listed as ingredients, so I’m guessing this must be a result of the natural extracts. The texture is fairly runny and dripped off the end of the toy I was using, making me hurry in order to use it and not waste anything. It was fairly close in texture to my natural lubrication, which was pretty great, but it also felt like there wasn’t a lot of ‘cushioning’ provided by the lube. Okay, full disclosure: my only insertable toy is the njoy Pure Wand, which I normally use with silicone lubricant because it’s rigid steel and needs some hardcore lube to feel fully comfortable. The delicious Jo NaturaLove made insertion a breeze but didn’t last long enough to make the solid material of the Pure Wand enjoyable enough for sustained use.

Externally, though, this lube was great. It provides a soothing, slippery surface for a vibe or fingers, spreading really easily and helping facilitate gentle or direct clitoral stimulation. It dries to a slightly sticky residue (probably due to the sweet agave) that has a very slight tan-colored tint. I found the stickiness a little unpleasant, but it cleans up easily with a splash of water.


Overall, I enjoyed using this lube, mainly due to its captivating scent and flavor. While I didn’t have a partner around to test my theory, I think it would make a really great lubricant for sex involving oral (mmm, vanilla taste) – as long as neither of you minds getting a little sticky! It’s great for lubricating the insertion of toys like kegel balls, and I think it might work well for internal toys made from softer materials, like silicone. As a person who is sensitive to yeast infections (which can be exacerbated by the presence of sugary ingredients like glycerine), I didn’t have any thrush breakouts after using this product, despite the sweet taste. However, I did only receive a single-use sample size, and I don’t know if the agave extract has any long-term repercussions when used internally. Those who particularly struggle with candida outbreaks might want to avoid vaginal use and stick to hand or oral-based fun with a partner.

Despite all this, my experience with Jo NaturaLove was very positive, and I would recommend this as a great organic alternative to water-based lubes.

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