The delicious smell of leather is one that excites many BDSM and bondage babes – reminded us of the swift, stinging spank of a paddle… the harsh yet supple binding of restraints, and in this case, the silencing confines of a gag forcing you into total submission. My sub knees shiver at that scent! Beyond paddles, whips, restraints, or blindfolds… gags add a new dimension to BDSM play, as expressing yourself through verbal protests is no longer an option. Your words become muffled, and all that’s left is little moans and squeals forced out from behind your gag (along with some primal drool, of course).

This Deluxe Leather Bit Gag from DOMINIX is entirely made of leather, aside from the metal clasps throughout the strap. The padded bit portion comfortably fills your mouth, with just enough room to allow for some air and sound to pass through. If your usual “safe word” (a word that when spoken, all play stops immediately) is intelligible through the gag, your signal for “stop” could be something more physical, like an “UH-Uh” sound, tapping out, shake or your head, or all the above. The 11 hole buckle closure keeps it securely in place, again allowing just a bit of wiggle room in case you feel uncomfortable or need a bit of release. All in all, the fit, comfort, and design of this gag is gorgeousIt is absolutely high-quality, and a fabulous addition to a BDSM and bondage toy drawer. My only pet peeve is that the bit gag itself is made out of leather, which is porous and impossible to totally clean. And, the bit gag can’t be removed and interchanged. Otherwise, I absolutely LOVE this gag – and am so happy to review it! And best of all, it’s inexpensive!

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Name: DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Bit Gag
Type: Gags, Sensory Toys, BDSM Toys
By: Dominix

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness5 Devils
Material: Leather w/ Metal

Special Features: High Quality, Comfortable, Hard to Clean, Inexpensive

Design & Fit

The Deluxe Leather Bit Gag by DOMINIX is fabulously well-constructed and sturdy. The bit itself measures 4.5 inches across and 2 inches high, with a plush padded interior that pushes the gag out to about 1 inch deep wide. The gag is quite literally meant to be bit, with the line of your teeth just over the seam of the bit (which is straight through the middle of the top and bottom of the bit). The plush material is perfect for this. It gently cushions your teeth and allows you to bite with comfort, whereas firmer materials like silicone or rubber can be a bit painful against your teeth and jaw. It can definitely fit most mouths (mine is rather small) and is comfortable for prolonged wear. The plush bit is absolutely gorgeous – and probably my new favorite type of gag!

The strap of the gag is connected with two metal O rings on either side of the bit. Unfortunately, the bit portion cannot be removed from the strap. The strap itself is also entirely made of leather, and has 11 metal eyelet holes which can be used with the metal buckle closer. The entire gag with strap is 24.5 inches, and can be fitted between 14.5 to 23 inches around, comfortable for nearly any head size, and totally adjustable before or during wear. The high-quality leather is absolutely durable, feels thick and strong rather than flimsy, yet is pliable enough for a comfortable fit that can be easily adjusted or moved to fit your preferences. The design and quality is just spectacular – especially for the low price!


Although I love the design of this gag, and it is incredibly comfortable to wear, I am a bit concerned that the leather material is porous. The porous material can harbor germs, and can never be cleaned 100%. Although this isn’t really a problem the first time… or maybe even after several uses… it may get gross over time, making it impossible or semi-unsafe to use. For paddles and restraints, leather is totally fine – but the mouth has lots of germs and can also absorb germs, so it’s pretty problematic. Drool could also quite easily get into the seam of the bit, located at both the top and bottom, and thus into the plush portion. I shudder to think what kind of grossness could grow in there.

You can still somewhat clean the leather between uses with a damp soapy cloth, antibacterial wipe, or perhaps even leather cleaner (though I’m not sure how safe those chemicals are to put near your mouth) – but unfortunately, can’t get a deeper clean than that. Since you can’t remove the bit portion, you can’t interchange it with a new gag or even buy a replacement bit for it. Somewhat disappointing. I love the plush leather bit so much, that if it started to get funky, it would be fabulous to replace just the bit portion. Luckily, this gag is pretty cheap! If it starts to feel funky or get gunky, definitely throw it out. Don’t risk putting it in your mouth! I also would recommend against sharing with a partner.

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to use


  • Material is not body-safe
  • Leather is porous and cannot be cleaned properly


Despite my hesitation about the leather bit potion and the seam, I really love the design of this toy. The leather feels absolutely fabulous against my skin, lips, and tongue – and the plush material of the bit if a fabulous, comfortable change from typical gags made of silicone, rubber, or other hard and non-plush materials. It feels really luxurious, comfortable, and delightfully restrictive – making it fabulous for the gal who loves to be vocally bound. At just $35, you really can’t find better quality. If it does happen to get funky, it’s cheap to replace!

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