Have you ever really, really had to pee at the bar, but were able to hold it in just to avoid that notoriously nasty bathroom? Ever been over at your new fling’s place after a dinner date and sneakily prevented yourself from passing gas, saving you from major embarrassment? If the answer is yes, then you know the power of strong pelvic floor muscles. But, did you know that strengthening these muscles could also lead to a major orgasmic boost in the bedroom?

If you have weak pelvic floor muscles or have searched for techniques to strengthen them (and your orgasms), you’ve probably heard of kegel exercises. These are simple clench-and-release movements, often recommended to people with vaginas who have given birth or have run into bladder control issues. 

So, exactly how are kegel exercises also great for your sex life? Let’s take a look at what kegel exercises can do for you, and how they can benefit your sexual health. 


Kegel Contractions & Kegel Devices: What You Should Know

When preparing to do kegel exercises, the first thing you want to do is identify and isolate where your pelvic floor muscles are located. To exercise these muscles, simply contract them and hold for 3 to 8 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds. Repeat as needed but make sure your bladder is empty first unless you’re working them into your bathroom breaks. While kegel exercises are relatively easy to do, a lot of people find it hard to work these into a routine and find it easier to schedule in the exercises with a kegel device. 

A kegel exercise device or “kegel exerciser,” is simply a tool used to activate your pelvic floor muscles either by causing you to hold them in, electrostimulating them, or providing you with biofeedback. There are several types of these devices, all of which work in different ways. Whilst traditionally seen as being a type of sex toy, and they can definitely be used as such, these devices are gaining the spotlight for their medical and health benefits as well. Let’s go over the most common ones you’ll see. 



1. Kegel balls

These are typically hollow inside, often made out of materials that are hypoallergenic, non-porous, and both phthalate and latex-free. You can get them in sets that provide an entire exercise system for training up weak muscles like the Je Joue Ami which comes in a velvety texture and is very discreet, or you can get them as a duo set.

2. Kegel weights

These are smooth, weighted objects that come in the form of cones, balls, or double bulbs that have a string attached for easy removal. Since these are weighted, you must squeeze your pelvic floor muscles to keep them inside. They are extremely easy to use and like other kegel exercisers, are nice and discreet. So you can strengthen those muscles wherever, and whenever!

3. Biofeedback devices

These are devices that monitor how well you are contracting your pelvic floor muscles and will provide feedback on if you’re squeezing the right muscles and how hard. Often marketed as a training tool, they use a probe that contains an electronic sensor that communications to a mobile app.

4. Electrostimulating kegel exercisers

These devices use electrical stimulation to deliver an automatic contraction to the pelvic floor muscles. They can be worn discreetly, are wearable so you can walk around and do other things, and can often be used for longer periods. These are  ideal for those who really want to be able to do these exercises all throughout the day, without having to worry about being uncomfortable or “obvious.”

5. Vibrating kegel exercisers

These are kegel devices that use vibrations to both tone and stimulate at the same time. They are great for incorporating into foreplay and often come with numerous vibration settings or modes. You can use these for solo play or when you’re with your partner!

6. Pelvic wands

These are fantastic for those just starting who have over-toned pelvic floor muscles. They help you find the pelvic floor muscles and then massage them to help them relax. Plus, you can practice your kegel exercises with them too.



How Does a Kegel Exerciser Benefit Your Sexual Health?

When completing kegel exercises with your device of choice, you are strengthening a muscle called the pubococcygeus which is a pelvic core muscle that is shaped like a hammock. It forms the floor of the pelvic cavity. It is found in both men and women and stretches from the pubic bone to the tailbone. Coincidentally, this is also the muscle that contracts during orgasms. Which means, this is a muscle we definitely want to tend to! 

For people with vulvas, as you make the pubococcygeus stronger with a kegel exerciser, you will improve the following:

  • You increase vaginal lubrication, increasing blood flow to the genitals. 
  • You make penetration more comfortable as kegel exercises relax the vagina.
  • You boost sexual arousal making it easier to reach orgasm.
  • You have more control over your orgasms. 
  • Your vaginal sensitivity skyrockets and your vagina becomes tighter. The tighter it is, the more intense the sensations will be. 
  • Orgasms become mind-blowing.

Kegel exercisers don’t have to just be limited to you though! You can get your partner involved by showing them how they work and the amount of progress you’ve made with them! You could even integrate them into sexy time and use them as a form of foreplay, after all, who doesn’t want to amp up the intensity of their steamy sessions of love?