At first glance, I thought that My Joy Collection’s Kiss of Fire was a personal lubricant. It’s clear and moves easily around the bottle. But on second glance, I realized it’s actually a massage lotion. At 4.5 ounces, the clear bottle is streamline, a black label with a red kiss draws your attention in with a simple sexiness. The scent “Strawberry Smoothie Kiss” sounds delicious, and indeed it is. It would be a great product for a sexy massage involving a lot of licking and lapping.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Kama Sutra’s Massage Oil instead.

The Texture

It easily squeezes out of the bottle more like an oily lube rather than a massage oil or lotion. It’s a little runny, apply carefully. It rubs into the skin with ease and the smell stays with you, the oil spreads easily and doesn’t just melt or disappear into the skin.

Gently Warming

The fragrance, consistency and taste are very nice and the best part is yet to come: when you blow on the area containing the lotion it instantly warms the skin, not too hot, just a gentle warming that disappears with your breath.

Taste & Scent

It’s definitely imitation strawberry, but it’s not bad tasting. It’s certainly tasty, but if you’re looking for something that tastes more natural, it won’t be found here. The scent is deliciously strawberry, but lingers long after the massage is over – so if you prefer not to smell like sweets, you may also want to look elsewhere. If you’re all about strawberry, though, this is for you!

Pros & Cons


  • Edible
  • Strawberry scent
  • No Parabens
  • Gently warming
  • Not tested on animals
  • Latex and Silicone friendly


  • Very oily
  • Scent stays behind
  • Consistency is somewhere in the middle—be careful when pouring onto area you’re massaging. Some cleanup might be necessary.

Features: No artificial coloring, not animal tested, made in the USA, Paraben free.
Ingredients:  Glycerin, Propylene, Glycol, Sodium Saccharin, Essential Oils for flavoring.


Kiss of Fire is a perfect bedside assistant; I think it’s a great trick to keep up your sleeve while giving your partner a massage. I really like this product but I am hesitant to completely endorse it, it’s very oily and the strawberry scent lasts longer than you may want it to. It doesn’t rub in completely and post massage you may feel the need for a shower rather than a nap. Overall, this is a bit of a novelty product but it’s really fun, and when it comes to bedroom massages, it is really all about fun over practicality.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Kama Sutra’s Massage Oil instead.


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