Massage candles are great romantic accessories. I got LELO’s Flickering Touch Massage Candle while I was in a relationship with every intention of sharing a sensuous massage with my partner. Unfortunately, he proved less than satisfactory, so I dumped him. The massage candle, on the other hand, definitely met my needs. Lightly scented in Vanilla & Crème De Cacao, this massage candle by LELO is a perfect romantic accessory for couples looking to add sensuality into their relationship, or for solo users who want a little elegant self-care treat!

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Name: Flickering Touch Massage Candle
Type: Massage Candle

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Stars: 4 Stars
Devils: 2 Devils

Design & Scent

The Flickering Touch Massage Candle comes in a stylish, discreet 5.3 oz black candle container. The simple silver lid is topped with a ring corresponding to the scent. There are three scents available: Vanilla & Crème De Cacao, Black Pepper & Pomegranate, and Snow Pear & Cedarwood. I would venture to say that all of these scents are “gender neutral” with sweet and spicy notes. The Vanilla & Crème De Cacao scent is sweet but mild, and once left on the skin only gives off a light scent. It’s very subtle and pleasant, and I think those with either/both feminine and masculine traits can appreciate it.

The lid is really easy to remove, so I would recommend leaving this candle upright until it is completely cooled. Otherwise, the lid might fall off and you could get a sticky candle wax/massage oil mess everywhere.

This candle is created from all natural ingredients with no chemical additives. Shea butter is one of the ingredients, included to nourish and soften skin.


My only complaint with the design is that it didn’t come with any sort of instrument for distributing the wax/massage oil. While directions inside the packaging indicate that one should wait about thirty seconds for wax to cool before use, it’s awkward to simply reach in and take out the oil with your hands, so I resorted to tilting the candle to the side for it to pour out. Excess oil ran down the sides of the container, leaving wax residue in its wake. The wax is easy to chip off with your fingers, but I still think a spoon or something like that would be better.

Onto the exciting part of the use! Simply light the candle and let the fun begin. The candle burns for up to thirty-six hours and emits an extremely light scent in use. For use as just that – a candle – I would prefer a stronger scent, but if you’re into burning candles just for the glowing fire aesthetic, this works great. Again, the packaging is discreet, so you could potentially use this candle outside of the bedroom and only those who are familiar with the LELO brand logo on the candle jar will know what’s up.

Again, directions in the packaging suggest waiting thirty seconds before pouring the oil onto the skin. If you’re kinky, I think waiting a little less long could be a fun, gentle way to introduce a partner to the concept of pain play and/or wax play. However, I can’t explicitly recommend this as hot candle wax can be dangerous and lead to burning. For regular massage oil use, waiting thirty seconds worked perfectly. The wax hadn’t hardened yet, and was perfect for giving a sensual massage. The longer you burn the candle beforehand, the more melted wax you and your partner will have to work with and for longer!

The oil is non-greasy, and the moisturizing effect is long-lasting. For the partner giving the massage, simply washing one’s hands with soap and water will suffice for removing excess wax/massage oil. If the partner receiving isn’t a fan of having lotion on, a shower after should work to remove excess. Otherwise, for me the after effects feel like I’ve just applied a very moisturizing, thick, lightly scented lotion.


This is a great, elegant product to introduce a little sensuality into the bedroom. It’s also perfect for self-care; I use the massage oil on my wrist after a long day at the computer quite often! LELO is known for their elegant romantic products, and though the Flickering Massage Candle isn’t perfect, its light scent, nourishing ingredients, and discreet packaging makes it a winner in my book.

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