The Lily 2 by LELO is an exceptional personal massager designed to stimulate any and all external erogenous zones. Its delicate design and smooth surface makes it sensual to the touch, and will pique your curiosity as to what exactly this small toy is capable of. The answer to that… a range of extremely stimulating vibrations and patterns that are sure to leave your body radiating with pleasure.

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Name: Lily 2
Type: Clitoral Vibrator, Vibrator

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Intensity: 2 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Plastic
Features: Multi Speed, Multi Function, Scented, Rechargeable, USB, Waterproof

The Details

LELO is known not only for creating beautiful pleasure toys, but also for its luxurious accents – including packaging. Like other toys by this brand, the Lily 2 comes in a pretty black box with a perfectly positioned viewing window. The box reminds me of something a high-end watch or piece of jewelry might come in. Along with a product registration card and manual, there is a satin pouch, that makes for an ideal storage option, and personal lubricant pack, which can all be found it the compartment under the massager. There is also a UBS charger located under the other platform in the box. It’s great that the Lily 2 is rechargeable, as you don’t have to be bothered with replacing dead batteries.

At first glance, one may think the Lily 2 is made of silicone because of its smooth, silky finish; but it’s actually made from ABS Plastic. Similar to silicone, this type of material is phthalates-free and non porous, making it safe for the body and easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with your favorite toy wipes, or wash with warm water and antibacterial soap after each use.

Petite Design

Weighing less than 2 ounces and barely 3 inches long, the small and ergonomically designed Lily 2 is easily controlled and can comfortably rest on any area of the body. Resembling the shape of half an egg, it moves from a wider base to a round, more targeted tip, both of which can be used to stimulate. It also features a prominent bend about midway up, which allows it to contour with the body, especially when used for clitorial stimulation and nestled during sexual intercourse. Moving down its front, you’ll find two slightly raised buttons used for turning the massager on and off, and controlling vibrations patterns and speeds.  

Everything about it is pleasing to the touch – it’s super soft and glides so smoothly across skin. Even more, it has a faint floral scent. It is easily smelt with the toy right under your nose, but not strong enough to cause any heightened sensations, as intended to. The other colors also have their own unique scents.

Powerful Vibrations

Before use, the Lily 2 needs to be charged for at least 2 hours. Charging is indicated by blinking lights around the two buttons. Once it has reached full charge, the lights will stay continuously lit.

Controlling this massager is fairly simple as it has a 2-button interface. The button on the right is used for turning the device on, increasing speed, and cycling through patterns (make sure to hold it down for two seconds to switch patterns); while the left button is used for decreasing vibration speed, reverting back to a continuous vibration, and turning it off.

With 8 vibration patterns, the Lily 2 is astoundingly able to cover the whole spectrum of intensity with slow, dull throbs to strong vibrations moving at the pace of a sprinting cheetah! The patterns are:

  1. Steady vibe, with at least 10 different speeds
  2. Quick steady vibe
  3. Super fast steady vibe
  4. Quick revving
  5. Quick pulsations
  6. Quicker pulsations
  7. Move from slow, mild vibe to quick, strong vibe and back
  8. Quick pulsation that seems to work its way up from middle of toy to tip

Pros & Cons


  • Discreet, ergonomic design
  • Range of vibration speeds and patterns
  • Can be used during solo play, foreplay, and intercourse
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable


  • Some vibration settings are a little loud
  • Scent is not very strong to be noticeable during use


After my first time using the Lily 2, I knew I was in love, and have since not been able to go a day without letting it roam my body. This beautiful, delicately designed massager is great for all kinds of sensual play, and can be used on essentially any rousing area of the body – especially the clit, nipples, inner thighs, and perineum. It is great for women wanting a toy that can provide powerful, external stimulation, but also those looking for that something to take sex with their partner to a new level of excitement.

I had the pleasure of receiving the Lily 2 in Lavender, which features a soft, lilac color, and lavender and Manuka honey scent. You could also try it in Plum or Pink, with the scents of Bordeaux and Chocolat or Rose and Wisteria, respectively.  

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