Every once in a while, we all could use a little help to get us into that perfect position. Whether it’s getting the angle of doggy style just right, or propping your hips up just enough to perfectly hit your g-spot… you don’t need to have yoga-style flexibility or want to do contortionist-inspired moves to benefit from some sex furniture. And I’m not taking sex swings or bondage chairs (though all of that is lovely…) I’m talking about little pillows and props to help make sex not only more comfortable, but more pleasurable, especially when you’re holding positions for a bit longer than you expected.

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Enter Liberator, the company who makes amazing adult props and pillows perfect for helping you achieve just the right position. Their adult furniture is designed to help make sex much more comfortable, and sometimes, make positions you didn’t even think were feasibly possible become a reality. It’s perfect for people who have some physical limitations that might make some sex positions difficult, or people who just want to explore, be more comfortable, and get even more pleasurable. After giving one of their most popular pillows, the Ramp, a try – I am definitely a huge fan of Liberator, and definitely plan to expand my sex furniture collection even more!



What Is It?

The Liberator Ramp pillow is a position-assisting pillow designed to provide comfort and accessibility to tons of different sex positions. Liberator offers some ideas on how to use the Ramp, but really, you can use your imagination and do whatever you’d like with them! The pillow arrives compressed, with all the air pulled out and a vacuum seal, so the shipping package is much smaller than the actual pillows. Once you open the package, it immediately starts to expand and grows into a body-size pillow that is literally shaped like a ramp. (Make sure you open this at your place, because it would be really awkward to carry this huge pillow around town!) It literally takes no effort and hardly any time at all to get this pillow ready-to-go. Once it’s expanded, you slip a black waterproof cover, and then a comfortable microfiber sleeve over the pillow (both are included), and you’re ready to start playing.



How to Use It

You can use this pillow however you’d like, and combine it with other Liberator pillows for even more possibilities. Experimenting with these is incredibly fun and rewarding… trust me. You can give a new boost to positions you already love and go to on the regular… or get more inventive and try something new. Personally, I love using the Ramp to prop up my butt during missionary and give even more direct access to my g-spot. My boyfriend loves using it for extra-deep thrusting during doggy. Whatever you prefer, you’re definitely bound to find added pleasure from this toy!



The Ramp is also incredibly comfortable. The foam is very supportive yet soft, much like a firm foam pillow. Even with a lot of weight or pressure, these pillows keep their hold. This pillow is pretty large though, so if you’re living in a compact area (like a dorm, or at your parent’s house), it won’t be very easy to store. But, it doesn’t necessarily look like a sex toy, so it could easily hang out on your bed like a regular pillow without anyone making a fuss about it.



Material & Care

This pillow is made of a high-density polyurethane foam core, a polyester moisture-resistant removable liner, and a microfiber cover that can be washed.  The two covers protect the foam pillow from liquids and mess, but it’s not entirely waterproof. Both are machine washable though, so you can easily clean up after if anything happens. The microfiber covers also help multiple pillows (if you have the Ramp/Wedge combo, for instance) to cling to each other, and prevents each pillow from slipping out of place during play. Even though the material feels kinda like a rough velvet, it doesn’t cause any friction burns and or feel scratchy.  Unfortunately though, this material is a total lint magnet, so you’ll definitely be lint-rolling it often.



Pros & Cons


  • Assists with a ton of different positions
  • Offers comfort & extra pleasure
  • Removable & washable covers


  • Large and difficult to store
  • Picks up a lot of lint




This toy can be summed up in one simple word: experimental. Experimenting with this toy is incredibly fun, and brought intense pleasure to the bedroom that I hadn’t anticipated. It makes my favorite positions even better, and allows you to get into some that would have otherwise been impossible (or at least really difficult). I’d happily use it all the time. The only downside is that it’s pretty big, so it can be difficult to store. But if you keep it on your bed like a normal pillow, it’s totally workable. It makes sex even more intense and exciting. If you’re into adventure, or simply want something to make sex more comfortable and pleasurable, this is a must-have!

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