Our relaxation and comfort often brings out the best in our sexual experiences. When we’re comfortable with our partners, our positioning, and the ease of pleasure, we can truly sink into the experience. When we’re in the right position, we can focus fully on pleasure, without having to break the mood to adjust… and sometimes we could use a little support to find and stay in that perfect position.

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Enter Liberator, the company that makes amazing adult props and pillows perfect for helping you achieve just the right position to maximize your pleasure. Their adult furniture is designed to help make sex much more comfortable, and sometimes, make positions you didn’t even think were possible become a reality. It’s perfect for people who have some physical limitations that might make some sex positions difficult, or people who just want to explore, be more comfortable, and find even more pleasure in the positions they already love.

Liberator has gone a step further beyond partnered pleasure props, and designed a prop that holds your toys so you can enjoy them hands-free even solo. The Wanda Magic Wand Toy Mount is made to hold your favorite wand style vibrators in place so you can get even more pleasure from your solo or partnered sessions. 

What is it?

The Wanda is a position-assisting pillow designed to provide comfort and accessibility while using a wand vibrator during sex. The mount arrives compressed, with all the air pulled out and vacuum-sealed, so the shipping package is much smaller than the actual mount. Once you open the package, it immediately starts to expand and grows into a small rectangular shaped pillow. It literally takes no effort and hardly any time at all to get this mount ready-to-go. Once it’s expanded, you slip a black moisture-resistant cover, and then a comfortable microfiber sleeve over the mount and you’re ready to start playing.


How to use it? 

Liberator offers some ideas on how to use the Wanda, but really, you’re only limited by your own imagination. Experimenting with these is incredibly fun and rewarding. You can give a new boost to positions you already love or get more inventive and try something new. The mount is ergonomically contoured so it’s perfect for straddling. You can set your wand in place and straddle the mount for direct clitoral stimulation while your hands explore other parts of your body. It’s also great for doggy style with a partner. You can comfortably prop yourself against the mount and get dual stimulation from the wand and your partner. 

The Wanda is also incredibly comfortable. The foam is very supportive yet soft, much like a firm foam pillow. Even with a lot of weight or pressure, these pillows keep their hold. The mount is petite compared to some of Liberator’s other props. At 20 inches long, about 15 inches wide, and 7 inches tall you can easily store it under your bed or in a closet if you don’t want it out in the open. It still might be a bit bulky to travel with though. 


Material & Care

This mount is made of a high-density polyurethane foam core, a polyester moisture-resistant removable liner, and a microfiber cover.  The two covers protect the foam pillow from liquids and mess, but it’s not entirely waterproof. Both are machine washable though, so you can easily clean up after. The microfiber gives the mount a super soft velvety feel. This material also prevents any scratching or friction burns.



I love that the Wanda is so versatile. It really opens up the possibilities in the bedroom. You can explore more positions during solo sessions to change up your routine. Set up your wand and straddle the mount, play with the pressure against your clit, it’s so much easier to explore handsfree! If you’re with a partner it’s perfect for getting dual stimulation. Especially in a doggy style position, you can rock back and forth with the wand against your clit while your partner pleasures you from behind. 

The Wanda is great for staying comfortable and maintaining positions for longer than you might normally be able to. Being able to stay in place longer means more time for fun, even if you don’t specifically have limited mobility. It provides physical support for your body and allows you to further explore the possibilities of your pleasure. Whatever you prefer, you’re definitely bound to find added pleasure from this toy!


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