This handheld vibrator doesn’t pack a punch, but if you’re looking for something with light vibrations (whether you’re new to toys or simply prefer a lighter touch), this pretty, silky soft vibrator would be great for you. The A:Muse vibrator is discreet, comfortable to use, and has a variety of gentle vibrations that are perfect for exploring new sensations. Made for women by women, this handheld toy is perfect for foreplay (or to bring you over the edge if you like light vibes).

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the LELO Lily instead.

Pretty Handheld Design

This tiny vibe fits comfortably and ergonomically into the palm of your hand, and has different contours throughout the toy to give you different sensations, whether you like pinpoint pleasure or broad stimulation. The entire toy is made of plastic, yet has a silky smooth coat that feels soft and lets the toy glide nicely across your skin. It also comes with a satin storage pouch, so you can effortlessly keep it safe and sound while not in use.

Light, Tickling Vibrations

The A:Muse vibrator has very light vibrations that tickle the skin and your most sensitive areas. It has 5 patterns, each of which can be controlled to 3 speeds or intensities. They vibrations are buzzy and fast, so while they may be right for people who prefer light, surface level vibrations – they didn’t do the trick for this girl, who’s into more rumbly, powerful vibes. That said, it’s a very low-cost toy that makes it easy for beginners to try vibrating sensations on a budget. They’re also incredibly quiet, so you can use this toy even while your roomies are awake!

The touch buttons are easy to press to turn the toy on and off, cycle through patterns, and switch intensities – and while the battery pack is a bit tricky to get off, the batteries can be added right to the back of the toy.


This simple vibrator is pretty, stylish, and perfect for someone new to vibrating sensations, who wants to test it out and see if it’s right for them. The vibrations are light, the toy is whisper quiet, and it has a good amount of variety to explore new patterns. For the price, it definitely can’t be beat!

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the LELO Lily instead.

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