A sexually liberated women enjoying life in her forties, Anna originally began writing a blog where she shared her innermost fantasies accompanied by gorgeous imagery.  This eventually branched out to include erotic films as well.  Today, her website, Frolic Me, combines arousing visuals with steamy erotic fiction and the results are breath taking.  The site targets women and couples in a way that traditional pornography fails to do.

SGP is a long time fan of Frolic Me, so we were beyond excited to have the chance to speak with Anna about her journey in the erotica industry, her thoughts on female pleasure, and what inspires her!

Can you tell our audience a little about who you are and what you do?

So what makes someone set up her own erotic site? Someone who is passionate about offering beautiful erotica to women and couples to enjoy, and who feels sex should be fun and not vulgar and that it’s time we focused on that.

I am a woman, wife, and mother in her 40s, therefore who better to understand what women and couples are really seeking when they search online for sexy erotica? So, with my creative background but with no previous experience of this new world I have found myself in, I founded and created Frolicme.com a couple of years ago.

Thereafter, much of what you now see is my journey. Within just two years of launching Frolicme.com, the site has already made a name for itself having been nominated a Finalist for Erotic Site of the Year 2017 amid many big multi million dollar established adult online sites. So for a growing independent site founded by a woman, that is quite an achievement.

What inspired you to begin a career in the adult entertainments industry, and create frolicme.com? What has your journey been like?

I didn’t intentionally mean to start a career in the adult industry, it was something I moved into over time, however it was all based on the fact that I felt there was something very lacking in erotic content on the web. Why? There is so much beautiful arousing sexy imagery in terms of photographic imagery yet when it comes to short online films, we are really let down. Then when we think of porn and explicit films and we search online, we get bombarded by pages and pages of cheap online tube sites, offering unappealing, vulgar, repetitive, poorly filmed (mostly stolen content too) and very male focused, none of which is sexy in the way I feel we want sexy. Added to that Fifty Shades of Grey was becoming a huge global phenomenon in its own right, sealing the fact that women in particular are huge devourers of erotic kinky sex in written terms, with an avid active mind and a passion for steamy sex too. So what was there out there that they as a woman and half of a couple could enjoy?

So having felt this, I started a blog to test my view. I developed a series of naughty stories and articles and infused them with gorgeous images that I found to be sensual and sexy. These were simply images I liked and I found said something fun and arousing in the way they were presented. Beautiful but not vulgar and to those images I added luscious morsels of arousing erotic words and stories offering lust and hot blooded passion. What I discovered very quickly is that I had a growing following, not just women, but couples and many single men too who wanted to seek something where sex was no longer cheap and degrading towards women, but beautifully packaged as well as fun leaving you with a positive impression of viewing sex rather than a negative one. What was clear is that men too wanted to focus on female pleasure.

From here I took a leap of independent faith and with my creative vision, which I knew I did have a certain flare for, moved into the erotic world and created the site.

Why is it important for women to have access to female-driven erotic films?

As I woman not from within the industry, I felt my approach would offer something new that I believed women, couples and many men disillusioned with online porn would wish to see. I wanted to bring sex upmarket, fuel it with fantasies and sexually stimulate people’s minds erotically when viewing.

It was time that we started to present much more of a balance to online erotica that both men and women could enjoy in equal measure. There are just as many women searching for sex terms online as there are men these days. We all have access to Google, and scrutinize the web far more due to greater accessibility of smart phones, tablets, as well as laptops and PCs so a greater balance was certainly needed.

What are the key differences between your films and “mainstream porn”?

I have never liked the word porn, not that it doesn’t quickly sum up the nature of the film… I think we would all say it would conjure up sexual activity caught on film. However, porn sadly has too many negative aspects to it and two very different meanings. Porn sadly has for too long been used just to depict sex in an unrealistic way, suggesting more primal instincts within the viewer in a base and unimaginative way, more often demeaning but with the intention of arousal nonetheless. However it is more often vulgar, not sensual, and in my eyes poorly created.

However to me, erotica, which is the term I prefer to use or even “fashionable erotica,” I think is more acceptable to many women, it offers more story depth and plays upon the fantasy aspect encouraging the watcher to imagine themselves more involved in the scene. It can be equally graphic and certainly there for arousal too… showing semi or fully naked bodies in the full sexual context but I feel has a more balanced approach and not just focusing on the male pleasure. In fact in my erotic films, there is far more focus on that of the female’s pleasure.

We love how you accompany your films with erotic stills and narratives! How did you come up with the idea for doing this, and how do you think it enhances subscribers’ experiences?

When I started on my journey with FrolicMe, I wanted to offer an erotic experience via different mediums in which to explore my site. Many women do relish written erotica for all the intimate fantasy it can offer. So I decided to offer a host of stories by a growing collection of erotic writers. I also loved the idea of giving much greater depth to the films with stories that coated the visual with a deeper level of fantasy story. Words allow you to explain so much more … who the individuals are within a scene, their relationship, how they found themselves before this sexual encounter. By using a growing number of renown published authors, I am able to offer a fabulous array of different narrative styles and interest and open up the world of my erotic content far more.

What are your favorite scenes/fantasies to produce and film?

I love the thrill and arousal that you can enjoy from sexual fantasies, particularly voyeurism, erotic encounters and sexy scenarios, something I always want to keep incorporating into my films and stories. The hot wife fantasy in particular is one that many members continue to enjoy and something we often touch on here at FrolicMe. I have also introduced categories as a way to offer better navigation and selection across the site for films, stories and galleries allowing you to select themes, styles and content that you particularly enjoy and easily find other films, stories and imagery of a similar nature.

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